Mama Madness Monday

Mama Madness Monday

Hello Beautiful Readers,

I’d like to interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post with a little “Mama Madness” conversation.

So I had a revaluation the other day and I just felt the need to share it with y’all.

I realized that I’m “THAT MOM.”

I’m pretty sure there are about 100 different kinds of “That Mom” but that could take a while, so I’m just gonna tell you the kind of Mother I realized I am.

It was a crisp fall morning, I was sitting at the park, on the ground on a blanket that thank goodness I had in my trunk because this park for some reason has NO benches or tables, sipping on my fresh Caramel Latte that was STILL HOT, can I get an Amen! when another little boy and his “Nana” arrived. Nana stood over by the swings while the boys played. Eventually they made their way over to the swings and when I went to get up Nana said “It’s fine, I got him.” After doing the “are you sure?” “I’m sure” thing I finally settled back in to finish my latte while it was still warm and thats when it struck me!

6 months ago you NEVER would have let someone else push your kid on the swing! Not to mention a little old lady! Who ARE YOU?

Well, I’m a completely different person then I was 6 months ago, THAT’S WHO I AM! I’m “that mom” that sits around while stranger Nana pushes her kid on the swing. I’m that mom who just lets the kids figure things out between themselves instead of getting up to mediate every five minutes, how am I supposed to relax if I’m doing that. I’m that mom who is more lazy than she used to be, and I’m that mom who sometimes lets her threenager eat ice cream before 10 a.m. I’m that mom who tells her tot “No we don’t have anymore cookies” so that I can have the last one.

And I’m 100% ok with that!

I shouldn’t feel guilty for enjoying my latte and a few moments of peace, even if I only got it because stranger Nana was ok with pushing my kid for a few minutes. And I certainly don’t feel guilty about eating that last delicious perfectly baked cookie.

But that got me thinking about all the irrelevant and ridiculous things society says moms should or shouldn’t do.

Who cares what other moms do at the park!

Who cares that that mom always has clean hair and brushed teeth! And who cares that that other mom (me) doesn’t?

Who cares if she makes homemade dinner every night! And who cares if her kids live off of frozen chicken nuggets?

Who cares if she lost her baby weight? And who cares if she didn’t?

Who cares?! I sure as hell don’t!

Just because there’s more than one way to do things doesn’t mean that that other way is wrong. If it feels right, it’s right! So go ahead and eat that last cookie, or don’t. In the end it doesn’t really matter.

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