Woodn’t Yah Know? With JORD

Woodn’t Yah Know? With JORD

Hey Beauties!

I have a really great Style Blog for y’all today!

Since I’ve had kids I’ve cut back on wearing a lot of accessories, it’s just part of motherhood. Kids pull on everything, so long earrings and necklaces are pretty much no go’s, and I have to be carful with bracelets since babes like to sleep in mamas arms and I’ve had bracelet clasps scratch the wee ones before. As you can imagine, finding accessories that follow the no hanging, no breaking, no scratching, no scraping and not easily damaged rules is a pretty difficult task. But, the amazing people at JORD Wood Watches sent me an amazingly beautiful piece of arm candy that fits perfectly into the Mommy Approved Accessories Department!

I’ve never actually gotten myself a watch, and I only own two, one is a cool watch, nautical inspired and given to me by my mom, and the other is this incredibly unique watch made of Dark Sandalwood from JORD!

I think my favorite thing about this watch is the intense contrast between the wood and the mint face.

JORD carries both Mens and Womens  watches, both unparalleled in their simple and striking designs.

Being able to be dressed up, or down, my watch looks great here with a flannel, vest and some hiking shoes for a day of exploring.

And it adds just a little pop of color to a Monochromatic outfit of brown.

This watch will be on repeat this fall and winter! I can’t wait to get it mixed in with a bracelet stack and some metallics!

You can check out their Men’s Watches HERE.

And you can check out their Women’s Watches HERE.

JORD and I are also hosting a GIVEAWAY! Literally EVERYONE wins something!! Just by entering you win a $20 voucher towards a watch and the Winner will receive a $75 voucher! You don’t have a single thing to lose by entering! So click HERE to enter! **This giveaway closes on November 20th 2016 at 11:59 PM**

I hope you guys enjoyed checking these amazing watches out as much as I did!

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