Craft: Easy Thanksgiving Decor

Happy November Beautiful People!


I mean its practically Christmas ya’ll! BUT not quite yet!

I didn’t really decorate much for Halloween. We got a Pumpkin for Thomas to decorate but I only had a few other items for Halloween because I gave away everything else before our move.

But now that the Holidays are here I’m totally in the Holiday Spirit and want to decorate the house! Were also having guests for Thanksgiving so I want the house to be FESTIVE! But I also didn’t want to spend a ton of time making everything. So here are three super easy and quick crafts you can do!

Hanging Leaf Garland

We have this weird little window (?) thing from our Living Room to our Kitchen/Hallway area. Honestly it’s just a weird little space/area, but I thought that it was a great place to hang something! The leaves around here have been MAGICAL so I was completely inspired by them!

You’ll Need:

-Leaves (fake or paper)

-Scrapbook Paper

-Markers, Colored Pencils or Paint


-Fishing Line or String



Step 1: If you use an untreated stick from outside – like I did – you’ll want to treat it to kill any mini bugs you can’t see. Make sure your woods wet before putting it in the oven at 250 degrees for around 40/50 minutes.

Step 2: Print out a leaf stencil page, if you’re using one. Then have your wee ones help by coloring them in!

Step 3: Cut out your leaves and glue them to your secondary paper.

Step 4: Cut out your leaves.

Step 5: Cut different lengths of string, so your leaves hang at different lengths, and tie them onto you’re paper leaves.

Step 6: Now tie your strings to your wood and hang!


Pumpkin Vase

You’ll Need:


-Soup Can or Vase

-Knife and Spoon

-Flowers (Real or Fake)

Step 1: Cut out a hole in the top of your pumpkin matching the size of your soup can/vase, and hollow it out.

Step 2: Put your soup can/vase into the hole you’ve made.

Step 3: Arrange your flowers!

All Done! How simple and adorable is that?!

Soup Can Center Piece

You’ll Need:

-Soup Cans or Mason Jars

-Scrapbook Paper

-Flowers (fake or real)


Step 1: Using your can as a guide, measure how tall your paper needs to be to cover the entire can. Mark that on the paper and cut.

Step 2: Glue your paper onto your cans. Don’t be afraid to really use a lot of glue!! And you’ll want to make sure that your paper overlaps, it helps the paper stick better.

Step 3: Add your letters! You can use stickers, write them on with marker or put them on another piece of paper for contrast like I did! I actually used some little gift tags I had.

Step 4: Fill and arrange!

I hope y’all have fun with these easy crafts! They can all pretty much be done with stuff you may find around the house and you could probably even get them done during nap time!

This week I’m thankful for crafts, candy and the cutest little assistants around!

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