Thanksgiving Threads

Hello you lovely and beautiful folks!
Would it surprise y’all one bit to know that I already have our families Thanksgiving outfits picked out? Probably not right?!

Follow these three rules and you’ll have a perfect Thanksgiving Dinner outfit!
1. Flexibility – An outfit that can stretch out along with your belly is KEY! You don’t want to be uncomfortable after eating 10 pounds of turkey, stuffing, potatoes and pie. But mostly pie, because lets be real, turkey is gross.
2. Festivity – Keep with an Autumn color scheme/pattern. Browns, mustard yellow and gold, olive green, and muted cool tones like maroon, blue and teal are also a great choice! Patterns like plaid and small florals along with textures like pleats, and leather are totally on trend and
3. Flowy – The more flow the more you can go…. EAT!
 You can shop all of our looks below! Nothing is over $40 and some items like the Woman’s Black Flare Pants are on sale for UNDER $15!

You can also find Harper’s Head Wrap HERE!
*Don’t forget to enter to win one! Click HERE for details!*
I hope everyone has a terrific Turkey Day! Stay Safe, Stay Thankful and Stay Stylish!
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