Casual Christmas

Casual Christmas
Happy Holidays you beautiful folks!
You guys all know I love getting dressed up all shmancy and what not, but on a regular day we are pretty casual.
I’ve found it a little hard to dress these last few weeks, because the weather is just getting colder and colder and COLDER y’all!
It didn’t even reach 16 degrees yesterday! Can you BELIEVE THAT!
So being able to layer and wear clothes that actually cover my body, but are still “festive” was a bit of a style “challenge” if you will.
Below are some great pointers for putting together a great outfit for all those Holiday Parties you will be attending in the next few weeks!
So my first outfit y’all have already seen on Instagram!
A festive tee with some interesting pants and a great pair of shoes won’t let you down I promise!

Start with: A Festive Tee/Sweater
Add: An Interesting Pant (try any of these below!)
Finish With: A Great Pair of Shoes!
So let’s say you don’t want to buy a festive top, you’re just going to put an outfit together from pieces you already own!
Start with: A Basic Top – try and stick to the color scheme appropriate for the party you’re attending – this will help your outfit look festive!
Add: Your FAVORITE Bottoms – this could be a skirt that hugs your curves in all the right places, your absolute favorite pair of jeans, or a pair of trousers that are bootylicious!
Finish With: Some awesome accessories – try a blanket scarf, layer 3 or 4 necklaces, add a hat or another hair accessory and throw on some bright lip color!
Use the scrolling boxes for inspiration! And don’t forget all the scrolling box items are shopable, all you have to do is click on the photo of the item you like!

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