Sippy Cups and Solids

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Tons and tons of food!

Harper has just turned 7 months old and is VERY interested in solids.  So when Influenster and Tommee Tippee sent us some new “in between” bottle and cup sippies to test and review I knew I just had to share our Baby Led Weaning adventures along with our Sippy Cup Review!

Our son Thomas didn’t care about food until he was about 9 or 10 months old, but I think from watching her older brother eat and play Harper is interested in whatever he does.

When introducing foods to our son we chose to use a method called “Baby Led Weaning” and now it’s time to do it all over again with little H!

So for starters what is BLW?

Basically you let the child control what he/she eats, how much, and when!

And you skip purees.

It’s really simple. Whatever you’re eating, just give baby a baby friendly version of!

So for example, lets say you’re having Hamburgers, Fries and Mac n Cheese for dinner.

When making your hamburgers just cook a small portion, maybe a tablespoon, of ground beef, no seasonings or anything added. Pop a few potato slices in the microwave or oven instead of frying them with the rest and leave a few pieces of pasta aside without cheese or anything on it. Put a little of each in front of baby when the rest of you eat and let them decide how they like it!

No extra dishes, no having to buy separate foods, like I said – easy.

Just like with anything involving young children there are a few rules though!

*I am NOT a licensed professional, so PLEASE ALWAYS consult with your childs pediatrician before starting any new steps such as this! This is just what I do with my children, with our pediatricians encouragement and approval.*

Baby is “ready” to start BLW when:

They can sit on their own.

They no longer automatically push foods out of their mouth when you try giving them something. This is called “tongue thrust reflex”
Baby is interested in eating and grabs at food without prompting.
Baby picks up food with pincher fingers – the index finger and thumb.
So, below are my favorite and trusty Baby Lead Weaning Supplies!
Sweet Potatoes
Butternut Squash
Canned Pears and Peaches
Thin Skinned Beans
Peanut Butter
Almond Butter
Ground Beef
Pumpernickel Bread Toasted (to gnaw on)
Rice Cakes (also to gnaw on)
Super Soft Wash Clothes for Cleaning up
Popsicle Molds (for making baby friendly pops!)
Small amount of Water for “practicing”
Harper is only 7 months old, so I put a small amount of water in her cup at meal times just for her to “practice” with. But during the day I let her carry around a Sippy full of Breastmilk that she sips on from time to time.
*I received FREE Tommee Tippee cups in exchange for this blog post and review, however ALL thoughts, opinions and photos are my own and true. I was not asked to write anything specific or do anything other than review and write about our cups.*
Tommee Tippee Sippy Review 
As a second time mother I’ve gone through about 43958720498572 sippy cups. It seems like they all leak, or if they don’t leak they are hard to sip from. The other issue I’ve had is the small parts becoming moldy and EW who wants to give their kids a moldy cup? NO ONE!
So when I was asked to review these cups I was so READY to find something wrong with them that seriously I put them to the ULTIMATE set of tests!
Test 1: The washing test – I put one in the dishwasher and one I hand washed, they both were easy to wash and didn’t have a million little parts to keep track of. So test one was a PASS!
Test 2: The baby bag test – I filled both of the cups we received with water and put one in my purse and one in the trunk of the car while we ran errands. They came with little caps so that if they leaked I would be able to tell by the water in the cap. And guess what, after a full day of errands NEITHER CUP LEAKED AT ALL! It was a definite PASS!
Test 3: The toddler test – I gave Thomas one with juice and one with water. I asked him to drink one, and shake one. He loved helping me out with Harpers “special cups” and said that he liked using one. When I asked how it was using it he said that a “little bit” came out at a time. He couldn’t have said ANYTHING better, and I’ll tell you why. Harper is Breastfed, she doesn’t take bottles at all (oh how I wish sometimes she would, but she refuses!) A BIG issue for breastfed babies with transitioning to cups is that the “flow” or amount of liquid coming out of the cup and out of the nipple are so different. Breastfed babies often choke or gag often when first starting out with sippy cups because the flow in cups is so much higher than from the nipple. So to hear that “a little bit” at a time was coming out of the cup was so great and a PASS!
All in all, these cups are really great and I HIGHLY recommend them. Tommee Tippee is a great brand and their bottles are trusted all over the world, especially for Breastfeeders like myself so for them to come out with these cups was a real WIN for us!
*I received FREE Tommee Tippee cups in exchange for this blog post and review, however ALL thoughts, opinions and photos are my own and true.*
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