Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather
Hello there Beauty!
I hope that you guys are warm and cozy out there in this ever colder weather! Even though we live in New Hampshire we don’t actually have a {working} fireplace, which is really depressing actually. But one of my favorite things about this time of year is that I can wear warm and cozy sweaters whenever I want! And I have to admit, my favorite way to wear a cozy sweater is with leggings and some fuzzy socks. That may not be the most “stylish” way to wear a sweater, but some days just call for leggings, wool socks, and an old sweater!


This particular sweater is pretty special to me because it was my dads years and years ago! I took it when I was in high school and the rest is history! It’s pretty much the BEST sweater ever, I’m sure the fact that it was my fathers has something to do with that. BUT it’s also nice and heavy, the wind doesn’t cut through it like some of the sweaters I have and it’s NOT itchy. Which can sometimes happen.
Since obviously I couldn’t share the exact sweater with y’all but here are some other options as well as some OTK boot and faux leather options!




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