The Everyday Simple 

The Everyday Simple 

Happy New Year Y’all!

Each year many of us make Resolutions, to lose weight, to save more money, to stop cussing. Ok maybe that last one is just me. Whatahyahgonnado! 

As January approached I made a decision to not make any resolutions this year. I told myself that I’d just write down a list of things that I’d like to incorporate into my life, or remove from my life and go from there. But a few days ago someone I grew up with, and a fellow blogger, emailed me with a copy of her eBook –

A Quick Guide to Simplify Your Life Today

I didn’t really have any expectations going in. The only things she told me was that it was about a Simpler way of living and that it was a small, short, manageable book. But by page 6 I was totally amped and motivated to implement some of her ideas!

The book covers 7 areas of your life in which you can make a few changes at a time, that when added together will help you to live a more simplified life, making way for more experiences, and living. 

I really appreciate the way that she wrote this guide too, I literally felt like I was having a conversation with her. And it was a quick read, I was able to start and finish it in one night after the littles were in bed!

I don’t want to give away the goods, so you can click HERE to download her eBook for free.

So grab a cup of tea, a comfy blanket and Simplify your life!

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