Trenches and Tight Pants

Trenches and Tight Pants

Good Morning Dolls!

It has been so flipping cold in New Hampshire lately, and this Southern Gal is having a hard time with it!

I’m either over dressed and sweating or under dressed and freezing. I’m still trying to perfect this Layering thing, add in snow and needing to access the teetahs to nurse Harper. Getting dressed for a North Eastern winter has been a challenge for me. I’m trying though! The worst is when I just need to run out for a few things and want to stay Casual. Throwing on great jeans and my favorite tee doesn’t exactly cut it in 16 degree weather…

One item that I’ve been wearing a ton has been super skinny jeans, and leggings! They pair nicely with an over sized sweater, and don’t make me feel like a marshmallow when I put my winter coat, hat, gloves and scarf on!

Another item that has become heavy in my winter rotation is my Trench! I’m on the look out for a nice wool one currently, but this is one I picked up years ago in Florida as a “Staple Item” for my closet when it was on mega sale! Im pretty sure I snagged this coat for less than $10!

Perhaps by the end of this winter I’ll be a little better at layering! Practice makes perfect right?

These jeans are my new faves! They suck in my mom belly (y’all know what I’m talking about!) lift the tush and are stretchy! You can find them HERE! They are currently ON SALE for $25 too!

I’ve linked the rest of my outfit items below! Everything except the jacket are exactly the same items I’m wearing! Including the jeans above!


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