A 3 Year Old’s New Years Resolutions


Good Morning Sunshine!

I hope your January has been going just the way you want it to. And I hope that you are still riding high on the coat tails of the Holidays!

The first few weeks of the new year are always filled with excitement and aspiration, energy and crisp cool winter air.

While it may be a little “late” for a New Years Resolution, working towards goals is a constant in my everyday life, it’s just how I stay motivated. I love that “I crossed the finish line” feeling, even if its something as small as getting everything on my “To Do” List done in one day.

As Parents my Husband and I have plenty of goals for how we want our kids to be. We want them to be kind, caring, and empathetic, while remaining strong, fiercely independent and proud of who they are. We want our children to be hard workers. And we want them to have basic life skills that aren’t taught at school.

As our son grows so does his personality, he is kind, smart as a whip and so SO ornery, creative, and adventurous.

When I was thinking of a few “goals” for myself, and our family this year I wanted Thomas to have something to work towards. No matter what age we are it feels terrific to start something and finish it!

So what are a three year olds goals? What’s going on in a three year olds little head? Well…

On Goals

Me: “Hey Thomas do you know what a Goal is?”

Thomas: “Yeah! A really golden rock! Me find one! Oh me only find a regu-wear rock.”

Me: “No a Goal. A goal is something that you want to do that will make you a better person. Like to be a kinder person, or a nicer…”

T: “Oh or a funnier person!”

Me: “Yeah or a funnier person. So do you have any goals?”

T: “Yes. To eat sumpin”

Me: “No a Goal. Like to be nicer, or use your manners more.”

T: “Uhh no. Play with my play-dough.”

Me: “Oh. I’m not sure thats really a goal buddy.”

T: “Ohhh… Ok Mama. Triangle.” *Walks away*

On Growing Up

Me: “Thomas what do you want to be when you grow up?”

T: “Uhh Me wanna be a really big man.”

On using his manners

Me: Are you going to use your manners more this year?

T: “Yeah”

Me: “So like please and thank you?”

T: “No”

On picking up his toys

Me: “Hey buddy, are you going to pick up your toys without throwing a fit from now on?”

T: *Shakes head yes and dumps out trains…*


On eating something besides chicken nuggets and pizza

Me: “So this year are you going to try to eat more foods besides pizza and chicken nuggets?”

T: “Yeah! Me gonna try new stuff like PIZZA!”

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