Teeny Weenie Pom Beanie

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Good Morning Y’all,

I hope all is well with you and yours. As the winter wears on I also hope that you are staying warm!

Now,  you guys know how much I love matching the kids. It’s like a hobby of mine, finding clothes and accessories that coordinate with the kids, or finding kids clothes that coordinate with each other.

But obviously I’m not the only one who likes doing that because there are SO MANY products out there that you can buy made just for matching! And to my delight my cousin sent Harper and I matching Pom Beanies for Christmas! (Thanks Ashley!!) 

I of course had to share these adorable Pom Beanies with y’all!

You can take a look at our exact set HERE. (or by clicking the photo)


These hats were a big hit! Harpers pairs great with her Bird Rock Baby Leather Moccasins too! Have you ever seen an eight month old accessorized so well?


We’ve teamed up with Bird Rock Baby to Giveaway a Pair of Baby Mocs!

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I’ve rounded up some of my favorite “Mommy and Me” Hats below, both Girl and Boy styles!


And just because I couldn’t help myself here are some “Mommy and Me” Outfit sets, both Boy and Girl styles!


Thanks for Reading, Commenting, Liking and Sharing! And don’t forget to enter to win a FREE PAIR OF BABY MOCS!


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