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This week I want to talk about one of my very favorite “Mommy Things”

B  A  B  Y     W  E  A  R  I  N  G  !  !  !  !

If you’re not familiar with baby wearing it’s exactly what it sounds like – wearing your baby!

There are really so many benefits of baby wearing. Most people just think that it’s an alternative to a stroller or a hands free way to carry your baby, which it is, BUT that’s not all it is!

Wearing newborns can help ease the shock of the new world they are now in, it keeps them close to mom and within hearing range of moms heart beat.

Carrying in certain ways can ease gas, acid reflux and colic.

And did I mention that it’s HANDS FREE!

There are all different types of ways to wear baby too, there’s something for everyone!

My favorites are Soft Wraps like the Moby and Mei Tais which are more structured but still a Soft Carrier.

IMG_2219 2
Moby Wrap
IMG_6896 2
Mei Tai

I have so many wonder baby wearing mama pals that I HAD to share their beautiful baby wearing photos with y’all!


“Baby wearing has provided such a close bond between my daughter and I. She falls asleep within 10 minutes of wearing and makes me so happy that she gets that cozy. Being hands free is also tremendously helpful when there’s housework that needs to be done or we’re out somewhere that doesn’t have grocery carts. My favorite adventure thus far has been to a botanical garden; there was inclines and slopes and “off-roading” where there wasn’t side walk and it was just so comfy. I have 2 Tula’s in standard size and 1 Fidella wrap and 1 Fidella Fly Tei. My Fly Tei is so easy to use when it’s just me and the kids and it’s so breathable for the Florida heat. My Jubilee Tula will always be my favorite though! While wearing my Tula’s I feel so secure and supported and it’s also so easy to breastfeed in it as well!”


“There are a few different types of ways you can wear your baby: soft structured carriers, hard structured carries, wraps, ringslings… my favorites are wraps, preferably size 6, and ringslings. I love the fancy carries and finishes, multiple passes to secure the wild beast of a toddler, and long tails. My favorite blend is anything with wool. My artipoppe pina sea which is a wool, silk, cotton blend is my absolute favorite. It’s just the right bounce, cush, support, and stretch for all ages. Some good budget friendly starter wraps are natibaby, yaro, keppeke, and didymos. There are many others but these are the ones I’m most familiar with. Wraps come in all different blends and sizes. Some come buttery soft and some come to you like fine grained sandpaper who need lots of blood, sweat, and tears to break in. It’s definitely not a ‘one size fits all’, you have to find what works for you and your baby.”



“I’m Lauren, mom to 2 young boys and baby wearing my second has made my life so much easier when it comes to certain tasks. I especially like that I can carry AND breastfeed, at the same time, with no hands needed.”




Here are some great resources for your baby wearing questions and info!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask! I’ll do my BEST to answer them for you!!!!!



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