Perfect in Paisley

Perfect in Paisley

Good Morning Y’all!

I hope you’re doing good today! Other than going a little stir crazy were doing great! This winter weather has us hiding inside 24/7. Thomas doesn’t mind the cold so much and LOVES playing in the snow, but it’s hard to get out there as much as Thomas would like with Harper. In order to keep her warm enough I have to really bundle her up – to the point she can’t move around – which she hates, so she cries. Then when I do get her all cozy and in the baby carrier and then put my jacket over that…… When we finally do get outside she still cries because the wind is freezing or she wants to move around on her own and not be zipped up in my jacket.

SO! We took FULL advantage of these past two “warm” days – if 50 degrees is what you call warm. But the snow melted and the air was less cold, so we played outside as much as we could, and I decided I just had to wear a dress because I haven’t in so long!


I picked up this boho shift dress at Target a few weeks ago. It was on the sale rack the best and only way to shop at Target if you ask me! I’m not sure I’ve gotten anything regular priced from Target – with the exception of  “The One Spot” items – in roughly the past year! I just can’t make myself pay full price for something when I find items like this dress on sale for $7! Especially when it was originally $35!

Anyway, back to the dress! It’s pretty light weight, although it does have a slip dress under, so it’s really a double layered dress. I love the slight bell sleeve and the tassel tie detailing, two things that I’m very into right now!


I layered it with sweater tights and a peacoat – perfect for keeping warm on a “warm” winters day! And to keep the look light I wore flats instead of boots!


Below I’ve linked a few Boho Shift dresses y’all might like as well as the exact tights, shoes and coat I’m wearing!


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