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Good Morning Y’all!

You guys know that I love my baby gadgets! Anything that spoils my littles and makes life easier for me I’m down to try at least once! So when Newbie Shade asked me to review their handmade Car Seat Sun Shades I jumped at the chance!


As a second time mother I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to calm a baby crying, and the hardest is when they are crying in the car. YIKES. It stinks because you can’t really do anything about it. You can’t take them out of their seat while you’re driving or anything.

One thing that both of my kids would cry about was the sun in their eyes. Even at 3 years old Thomas will still cover his eyes with his hands and say “Mommy! Why is the sun doing that?!”

This Newbie Shade is seriously THE BOMB.


The way it works is simple and so different from other car seat shades. Instead of hooking to the handle of the seat it actually hooks onto the cars headrests, this keeps the shade in place AND you don’t need to take the shade on and off! It just stays in the car!


Something else that’s the bomb about Newbie Shade is that they are designed by a couple of regular parents just like you and me! Allen and Kelli saw a need for a better car seat sun shade for their precious daughter Bella, so, they made one! How amazing is that you guys?!

The number one thing I like about it is that baby can still see! I’ve used blankets and other sun shades with Harper and she does NOT like not being able to see anything. I’m not really sure why but it bothers her and just makes her cry more, so the fact that with this shade she can see her brother, and me (because I usually sit in the back seat with the kids) is a THUMBS UP!

This is with the shade all the way down on both sides.

The second feature I really love is that Harper can’t pull it off! Whenever I throw a blanket over her seat she just immediately pulls it off to play with which obviously defeats the purpose of having it up there in the first place. The straps are easily installed and only take  a few minutes to adjust once hooking them in place.



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This is with the shade down on one side and folded over on the other.

Thanks for readying y’all! Hope you enjoyed it and good luck with the Giveaway!



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