Under the Oak Tree with Little Acorns

*This post was Sponsored by Little Acorns, as always, all thoughts are my own. Please see my Disclaimer if you have any questions.*

Well You guys…..

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even go one single month. Thirty One Days, without posting a Craft Tutorial.

# C A N T S T O P W O N T S T O P

I tried hard to refine my “niche” and just focus on Style (the Platforms part) and Parenting (the Pacifiers part) but the need to Craft and Blog about it were TOO STONG for me to deny any longer!

So with that – Let’s get started!

It’s actually so funny that Little Acorns contacted me when they did, because just a few days prior I was at a friends house and she was showing me how she re-decorated her girls playroom. In it they had this piece of wood just leaning against the wall, and on it were measurements of the girls going back years! I told her how much I loved that idea, specifically because it WASN’T on a door frame or wall so that they could take it with them if/when they moved. (We are both military families – so moving is inevitable) I had it on my mind to make something like that for our home too, but was thinking “We can do it when it warms up so I can paint or stain the wood and do that part outside without freezing to death.”

Well, that didn’t happen! Little Acorns shared with me their DIY Growth Chart kit and I couldn’t wait until the weather warms up to do it!

Little Acorns makes Vinyl decals for you to make your own growth chart. Each kit comes with a custom header, tick marks for measurements and number markers. You can also get initial markers, which start from age 6 months and go all the way to 18 years.

This project was seriously so easy and it looks like we purchased it from the store! – If I do say so myself! –


Little Acorns DIY Growth Chart Kit

-Plank or Pieces of Wood equalling 6 feet or more (We chose to use pieces of wood so that we could take the chart apart and pack it away when we move.)

-Roller, Credit Card or Ice Scrapper

-Optional: Paint or Wood Stain

Step 1: Paint or Stain Wood (you may need to sand the rough spots) let dry completely! (overnight at least)

Thomas and I had a little helper come through while we were staining the wood.

Step 2: Map out your chart by arranging your vinyl stamps on your wood and lightly marking where to put them if you need to.

Step 3: *Your Growth Chart Kit will come with detailed instructions on this step.* Peel off the backing and carefully place the vinyl sticky side down.

Step 4: Use your roller, credit card or scrapper to completely flatten the decal and push out any air bubbles.

Step 5: Slowly peel up the remaining paper piece.

Step 6: Normally you’d be done! However we wanted something that we could take apart and pack away the next time we move, so since we used multiple pieces we had to attach them somehow.

I wanted something nautical-ish so that it would fit well in our living room, -which is nautical themed- so I used Twine.

Drill holes in the ends of your wood and use twine to tie the pieces together!

Step 7: Hang and then get to measuring your littles!

Thank you so much to Little Acorns for sponsoring this post!

I hope you enjoyed this first DIY as much as I did!


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