Velvet Valentine 

It’s the season of Love Y’all!

A few things I love – besides my kids and husband and dogs of course – are the way the sky looks in the morning as the sun is rising, there’s a time when it’s about half way up that is just magnificent. I love those very special evenings when the sun is setting and it makes the air look pink. I love the feeling of freshly washed, and sun dried sheets.

And I really love a good outfit! Who doesn’t though right?!

Red is not really my color, I can’t pull off a candy apple red dress and I can count how many red items I own on one hand. But I love the deep rich color of maroon, oxblood, burgundy. I love the tone and simultaneous darkness and brightness of the color.

So it being February, and Valentine’s Day coming up, I just HAD to put together a lovely little red outfit!

Pants – Exact
Tank – Exact … Turtle Neck – Exact

V  E  L  V  E  T       V  A  L  E  N  T  I  N  E


I hope you get a little outfit inspiration for Valentine’s!


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