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Namasté Y’all

If you’ve known me for a while then you know for the past 4 years Yoga has been a HUGE part of my health and wellness journey. As someone who suffers from Panic Attacks, BED, and PPD I originally started Yoga as a means of distraction while I was pregnant with my son. I needed a way to keep myself calm and my blood pressure down, and I needed to keep the massive amounts of weight I was putting on at bay. My Midwife suggested Yoga and the rest is history.

I go through up’s and down’s where I don’t practice for weeks at a time, but I always, always come back to the Mat. As the years pass Yoga is just such a comfort and calmness for me that I really need. Especially after having my Daughter and being diagnosed with PPD. There are moments when I could just stare at the wall and scream until my voice is gone. As someone who has difficulty regulating my emotions Yoga is simultaneously having complete and total control over myself and being able to let go completely. It is always my suggestion when anyone tells me they are struggling emotionally or physically.

I’ve recently been wanting to widen my horizons in terms of content for the blog so I figured, “Hey, why not share my never ending journey to live well with them!” I’m not an expert on anything, except maybe sitting on my ass for extended periods of time, but I am someone who has been there and IS there. So now in addition to all the other stuff I blog, I’ll be blogging about Living Well.

What IS “Living Well”  to me it’s simple. It’s taking care of myself, my family and my friends. It’s not just breathing in the fresh air, it’s smelling it, savoring it. It’s loving the things I love, enjoying the things that bring me joy, and sharing them with you. It’s ditching all the shitty people, feelings and thoughts. It’s the real world application of a fresh Chocolate Chip Cookie still warm from the oven.

So, will you Live Well with me?

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