Dam It!

*This post was Sponsored by BabyDam USA, but as per usual all thoughts, opinions and photos are my own. If you have any questions please see my disclaimer here.*

Thats right Y’all! I said DAM!

Literally though, a Dam. Not Damn. Dam.

Before we start lets just get this out of the way. Because I know you’re all thinking it! Yes my bathroom is green and pink. Yes it’s kinda ugly. I KNOW YALL OK! We live in a VERRRRYYYYY old house with precisely zero updates since at least 1980. Were renting so theres nothing we can really do about it. 

Anyway, a thing about living in an old house like we do is that our water, and home heat are run off of Oil. And Oil is pricey. Like hundreds of dollars to fill the tank pricey. So we try to make our oil last as long as possible. We keep the temperature lower during the day and let the sun warm the house a bit, we keep showers short and hand wash dishes.

In an effort to save water, and oil we do sink baths but Thomas is a little too big for those and now that H is on the move her being up so high makes me nervous! So we started using The BabyDam.

With the BabyDam you only need to use HALF of the water that you would with a regular bath! Can you imagine over a few years using the BabyDam how much money you’ll save in not only water, but energy costs!

The BabyDam is also great for separating your kids during a bath – which sounds weird, why even bathe your kids together if you’re going to separate them right? Well, Thomas likes his water pretty warm, he will literally say “Mommy! Make it HOTTER HOTTER HOTTER!” but I am a little hesitant to put Harper in the same water as Thomas because he likes his water so hot. So when I did bathe them together I would wait until the end of Thomas’ bath to put Harper in there with him. BUT with the BabyDam I can let them bathe together the entire time, which they think is just the bees knees!

I pop in the BabyDam in, then I fill up Harpers side with the “first” water from the faucet, you know how it’s cold when you first turn it on, letting it turn hotter until it’s a good temperature for her. Then using the shower head I let the warmer water run in T’s side and there yah have it!

To see if the BabyDam will work in your tub click HERE.

It’s SO EASY to put in and literally takes 30 seconds. No kidding!


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