A Piece for Peace with Edwards Pie

Happy Pi Day Y’all!

Pie as in Pie, AND Pi (π) as in 3.14…………………….

Because today is March 14th.


Get it? Punny, I know. 

We could all benefit from a few moments – or an entire day – to just chill out, and enjoy what’s around us.

In our current society the more you do, the better you are – or so it seems. In reality people who are too busy are often stressed, depressed, over weight and un-happy in their current situations. It is vital for our well being to stop and smell the roses, or stop and eat the Pie in this case!

So on this Pie Day I’m sitting down with my very best friend – Kay, and an Edwards Pie and together we are offering each other, and ourselves Peace with a Piece, even if it’s only for one day!

So pull out an Edwards Pie and dig in! Give yourself a sweet and delicious moment of Peace today!

To start our Day of Peace with a Piece Kay and I went full force on the Key Lime Pie, which I’m kind of a connoisseur of, and which Kay has NEVER had before, can you believe that!? She was pleasantly surprised and finished her piece in just a few bites! And I have to admit, Edwards really hit the nail on the head with their Key Lime Pie! The custard was a perfect consistency, the key lime was perfectly limey and the crust was perfectly crustalicious!

Once we got a few photos of us “looking natural” eating our pie, we hopped into our pajamas and made a MASSIVE Chinese takeout order. Once our food arrived, we curled up on the couch, stuffed our faces – again, and ended up chatting through the movie we put on. It was SO RELAXING, and Peaceful!

Not having to chase after my three year old, not having to worry about cleaning a ton of dishes, just chatting and actually being able to have an adult conversation. I came home feeling completely refreshed, and Peaceful!

So today, or the next time you go to the store and pick up an Edwards Pie, dig in, and share a Piece, for PEACE! Or don’t share!

Thanks for reading Y’all!



What’s YOUR favorite kind of Pie? Let me know in the comments below!


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