Spring Style Round Up

**A special Thanks to Bailey Blue Clothing for Gifting some of the items for this post! If you have any questions please see my Disclosure and Disclaimer Page HERE.**

It’s Spring Y’all!

At least in some parts of the country that is! Not here in New Hampshire though. Because life isn’t fair and it can’t always be rainbows and sunshine. BUT apparently it CAN always be freezing cold and snowing, so there’s that.

I’m SO freaking excited for WARM WEATHER y’all. You seriously…

D O   N O T   E V E N   K N O W

Cabin freaking fever is really freaking real.

With all the time I’ve had indoors I’ve been keeping a close eye on all the trends for this season.

This season there are so many trendy shapes and silhouettes to choose from, it’s pretty much impossible to just pick one, so why not wear them all!



Stripes are always in. Like literally, always. So they are a great splurge purchase, and are basically considered as classic as a great pair of jeans!

 When I saw this Bailey Blue wrap dress I immediately did heart eyes emoji, no joke. I HAD to have it. It looks amazing with platform wedges, flat sandals AND its so breezy and easy, I can wear it out to brunch, to the beach or to dinner with my man. JK we never go to dinner alone ha! 

FLORALS & Embellishments 

Florals are ALWAYS in for Spring and Summer, but this year Embellishments are what it’s ALL about! Add your own with bias tape, tassels, embroidery and ruffles.

This dress is from the Target Sale wrack, holla!


This Yellow Peasant cut dress is a few months old, although I’ve never worn it! It’s perfect for this season with the color,  silhouette, the fabric and the cross tie detailing. You can find a very similar dress HERE. And the sandals I’m wearing are laser cut with floral and scalloped patterns and just perfect for Spring!



I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous to wear this Bailey Blue dress. It’s a lot tighter than dresses that I normally wear. And I’m a little self-conscious about my mom belly – but once I put this on I felt so hot! I paired it with some Blush Pink kicks from Old Navy to get a dressy/casual mix vibe. I’ve always avoided Pink because it’s just not my color, but I’m so in love with the blush/rosey pink that’s on trend right now that I’m snatching up as much of it as I can!

Check that strappy back!

I’m obviously so ready for warmer weather. I need it like flowers need water, like cake needs icing, like coffee needs a donut. I really really NEED it!

What is your favorite Spring Trend? Let me know in the Comments below!


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