My Diaper Bag Essentials for Two with JJ Cole

Y’all I realized something the other day, my kids have A TON of stuff.

Clothes, shoes, toys, things, stuff, more stuff, other things – it’s like oh my word, where did this all come from?

And when we go out of COURSE my son has to bring a few toys, and a book, and I always make sure to pack snacks, and diapers for the baby, and more stuff, and things, and more things and more stuff…..

Packing a bag for myself, a baby and a Threenager used to be tough work! But now with my JJ Cole Diaper Tote it’s a breeze!

So what exactly do I pack for two kids and myself?

P A C K I N G   F O R   M Y S E L F

– wallet





-no slip grips by jj cole


-water bottle 

-business card holder & cards 

P A C K I N G   F O R   M Y   T O T


-hot wheels 


-sugar free bubble gum

P A C K I N G   F O R   T H E   B A B E



-changing pad by jj cole

-teething toys

-baby carrier

-baby food pouch

-finger food snacks

-birthing blanket

You can shop more JJ Cole diaper bags at Babies R Us without sacrificing fashion for function!

What are your diaper bag must haves? Let me know in the comments below!




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