Scrumptious Smoothies with KidzShakes

*This post was Sponsored by Doctor Rach’s KidzShake but as per usual all thoughts, opinions and photos are my own. If you have any questions please see my disclaimer here.*

Happy Day Yall!

The sun is shining, the weather is warm, the flowers have bloomed and we have been enjoying the great outdoors!

And what goes better with great weather and sun than a nice cold snack! So what do we choose?

A smoothie of course! And we LOOOVVVVVEEEE smoothies in this house!!

s m o o t h i e s    a r e    g r e a t  –  s e r i o u s l y !

Smoothies are a terrific way to get a ton of vitamins and nutrients in one single dish/drink! Plus you can customize them to pretty much anyones specific tastes and nutritional needs. They are quick and easy too, and they don’t create all of the waste that juicing does.

t h e    r i g h t    b a s e 

You have to start out with a great base to create a great smoothie. I use a probiotic rich protein shake but finding a supplement powder that is kid friendly and specifically made for my littles growing body and sensitive digestive system is a little hard, that’s why I love using Doctor Rach’s KIDZSHAKE! Sugar freeVitamin dense, and packed with Probiotics this stuff is a dietary gold mine of goodness.

Another thing that I absolutely LOVE about Doctor Rach’s KIDZSHAKE is that it’s SOY FREE! I know everyone has their “thing” some people are into eating only organic, some people are gluten free (KIDZSHAKE’s are also gluten free!), but soy (in my opinion) is probably one of the most terrifying things on the market right now, and it’s in everything. I could talk for days and days about why we don’t use any products that contain soy in our home, but thats for another post! Doctor Rach’s KIDZSHAKE is also lactose free, and nut free, so like I said, this stuff is basically the Mecca of children’s supplement shakes!

a d d     a     l i t t l e    f l a v a     f l a v e

We have three of the four KIDZSHAKE flavors – Vanilla Cream, Strawberry Cream, Chocolate Cream which are a great jumping off point for some terrific flavor combinations!

Produce : Add some fresh OR frozen (we prefer frozen) produce to your little ones KIDZSHAKE

Some great flavor combo’s are:

-strawberry banana

-berry berry (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry)

-tropical (pineapple, mango, strawberry)

-chocolate covered…. banana or strawberry or cherry

-frozen chopped spinach is also basically flavorless so I try to always add a little to the smoothies my kids drink!

Spices: Did you know that herbs and spices are actually great for your body, not just in cooking! Add a sprinkle of any of these to your little’s KIDZSHAKE!

Ground Ginger : infection fighter

Cinnamon: heart, blood and anti-inflammatory

Nutmeg: brain and digestive health

o u r    r e c i p e s  ! !

sweet beet treat shake

Milk of your choice + Chocolate Cream KidzShake + Frozen Beets

super strong strawberry smoothie bowl

Milk of your choice + Strawberry Cream KidzShake + Frozen Strawberries + Plain Greek Yogurt

very vanilla vitamin pops

WHOLE MILK OR COCONUT MILK (do NOT use almond milk it doesn’t freeze well at all and you won’t get good results! remember these are for KIDS and little ones NEED the high fat content of whole milk for brain development!) + Vanilla Cream KidzShake + Sprinkle of Nutmeg + Cinnamon to Taste (my kids love cinnamon so I put a lot in)
*optional* add jelly or fruit to your molds before pouring your KidzShake mix in!
boysenberry jam pops
peaches and cream pops

The pops were by far the kids favorites! I’ll be making sure I have the freezer stocked with various flavors this entire summer! I think the pops were my favorite too! They made the kids super happy and they felt like they were getting a treat, but really they were getting tons of nutrition! #momwin

I hope your littles enjoy these as much as mine did!




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