DIY: Summer Patch Vest with Bettyratbag

** Thank you to Betty Ratbag for gifting these adorable products for this post! If you have any questions you can see my disclaimer!**

Hey Ya’ll!

Spring is here and I’m pretty excited! Our grass is greener, flowers have bloomed and I am feeling so refreshed!

I’ve been so excited for Spring/Summer for so many reasons, but especially for the fashion! I’m so tired of having to hide all my cute clothes under layers of jackets.

Also Breastfeeding is about 79238452 times easier when all you’re wearing is a bra and ONE shirt. Do you know how much of a hassle trying to nurse a baby is while you’re not only wearing a puffer jacket but 12 other assorted shirts and sweaters underneath of it!

Any who….

Breastfeeding is a HUGE part of my life, I’m not here to tell you how to feed YOUR baby, but I am gonna tell you how I feed mine, and I’m sure some of you are thinking “why is she so obsessed with breastfeeding?” and I don’t want you to worry, because I’m gonna tell you!

1.Because it’s hard and freaking hurts at the beginning, and also sometimes in the middle if you get bit, or a clogged duct. 

2.  Because it’s something to be proud of!

3. Because it saved me. Literally, if I would not have had the skin to skin close contact that breastfeeding gives I’m not even sure where my mental state would be. After having my second child I became depressed and had severe mood swings, lethargy, chronic back/neck/shoulder pain and sometimes the only thing that helps is cuddling up with my girl, breathing in her sweet sweet baby smell and feeling that release of  oxytocin literally spread through my body when she is nursing.

4. It’s freaking cool! Seriously it’s way cool! There is a ton of scientific information on breastmilk and the lactating woman that will make you say “what!!!!! that’s cool!” Seriously check it out:

-For every year a mother nurses her child her risk of breast cancer goes down 6%

-If you’re nursing two children and keep them designated to one breast, your milk will be tailor made to each child. Meaning son drinks from left breast always and daughter from right breast always, the milk in either breast will be different for each child.

-It’s pretty much a “cure all” Don’t believe me? Ask any mother who’s breastfed if I’m lying! Just rub a little breastmilk on a cut, a bruise or make sure your sick kid is drinking lots of boob milk, because that stuff is PACKED with the most antibodies you’ve ever seen!

i n s p i r a t i o n

I have a thing for Olive Green, and Vests, AND pretty much anything involving Breastfeeding, so naturally when I had the idea to mash them all together I pretty much felt like I’d struck creative gold.


Aren’t these patches and pins amazing?! Betty Ratbag is a Nursing Mama like so many of us and is helping to NORMALIZE BREASTFEEDING!

I found this amazing vest a Target, you can shop it HERE. It’s light weight, super soft and looks amazing on!

Apply your patch according to instructions if it’s an iron on. If not/after the patch is secure, then stitch up the boarder or the corners just for a little added security.

Now go! Put on some heels, toss on your vest and go look like/be the bad ass mama that you are!

I added a few funny little milk pins that I’ve had for a while because you know, Breast Milk and all, also one of the pins is a jar and it’s labeled “tears” 😂

Thank you again to Betty Ratbag for gifting me these patches and pins, but mostly for helping to Normalize Breastfeeding!




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