Bubbles and Brunch at Flag Hill Winery and Distillery

I hope y’all had a beautiful Mother’s Day!

Ours was brilliant, beautiful, as well as filled with bubbly and brunch!

This year was particularly special for me because I actually got to celebrate it with my Mama! It’s been years since we’ve been able to celebrate this special day together, and only in the last few years have we been able to celebrate us both being Mothers. I have to say, being a Mother makes treating my own Mother on Mother’s Day extra special.

So when I found out that my Mama would be in town for Mother’s Day I knew I wanted to treat her to something extra special, that’s where

Flag Hill Winery and Distillery comes in – they had an exquisite Mother’s Day Brunch and I just HAD to bring my Mama to it!

F L A G  H I L L

The lands that the Vineyard, Winery and Distillery are all on lands that have been a family owned and operated by the Reinhold family since the 1950’s, at one point it was even a dairy farm, then for twenty years it sat unused. In 1985 some of the Reinhold family returned and started the Vineyards, a few years later in 1994 the first harvest was complete!

t h e    v i n e y a r d s 

Flag Hill has the largest Vineyard in the state of New Hampshire, and they grow cold weather grapes – which are perfect for New Hampshire! Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to tour the Vineyards because of the Nor’Easter that was descending upon us all weekend.

c o f f e e  &  m i m o s a   b a r s

To start we grabbed some coffee and were able to dress them up with all sorts of flavor shots, coffee blends and toppings.

Then we headed over to the Mimosa Bar – my fave spot – there were quite a few different juice flavors to add and tons of fresh fruit and herbs! We tried to make a new flavor each time we went up for refills, but my favorite was the first one I made –

Orange Juice + Sparkling Cayuga + Fresh Mint Leaves

Servers were on continuous rounds with bottles of Sparkling Cayuga, which is Flag Hills own perfectly balanced Sparkling White Wine. It was delicious just on it’s own and I actually had a few glasses of just the Cayuga.

The Brunch Buffett was devine – we left full and happy – there were plenty of sweet and savory options, and every single one of them was outstanding! There were all sorts of delicious items to choose from like

Chicken & Waffles

Salmon Poppers

Veggie & Cheese Flatbread

A Mac & Cheese Bar


Beef Wellington


b r u n c h i n’    b a b e s 

Flag Hill Winery and Distillery offers their Brunch & Bubbles Event once a month, May through October, and is open to anyone who purchases tickets! I already know that I’ll be returning for at least a few more of these Brunch & Bubbles Events with some of my friends for a great kid free day! If you’re local you can checkout their schedule and purchase tickets here.

And if you aren’t local, no worries! Because Flag Hill delivers some of it’s wine selection to 18 different states! Wine delivered right to your door, can I get an AMEN! You can checkout their online order page here.

I honestly don’t know a ton about Wine and a pro would probably say I have terrible taste, but I know what I do and don’t like, but I HIGHLY suggest the Cayuga White, which is easily my favorite from Flag Hill.

Flag Hill Winery and Distillery is the perfect location for really any event, the rolling Vineyards would make an amazing location for any couples photoshoot, they have a spacious tented area for weddings, Brunch & Bubbles would be a terrific way to start off a bridal shower or birthday with your girl friends!

Thank You to Flag Hill Winery and Distillery for giving my Mother and I the VIP Treatment for Mother’s Day!




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