Trip of a Lifetime for Military Families with HomeAway

*This post was sponsored by HomeAway – as always all opinions are my own. If you have any questions see my disclaimer.*

It’s Memorial Day Weekend Yall!

That means the start of summer! Back yard BBQ’s, cold beers, warm summer mornings, beach days and swimsuits.

It also means Sacrifice, Remembrance, Patriotism and for many, Loss.

On Memorial Day we honor and celebrate those who have fallen for you and me, for our children, for our children’s children, for our great great grandparents.

We remember those who gave it all, literally their life, for people who they don’t even know, for people who protest them, but mostly, for those they love.

I remember you, I thank you, I mourn you, and I honor you – thank you, fallen soldier – past, present and future.

This year in honor of service members all over the US, and Frommer’s travel guides 60th anniversary Homeaway is giving away 6 incredible vacations to 6 Veterans and their families!

Frommer’s travel guides were actually started by a Veteran – Arthur Frommer.

And HomeAway is one of the leading vacation rental companies – world wide.

If you are a member of a VeteranFamily and want to enter to win one of these INCREDIBLE travel experiences you can enter HERE!

And if you aren’t in a Military Family, but know one and would like to nominate one you can do that HERE!

t h e    d e s t i n a t i o n s

puerto rico




hilton head


This special gift series that Frommer’s and HomeAway have put together is especially touching to me, because –if you didn’t already know- I’m a Navy Wife! My husband and I actually started dating before he had even gone to basic training so I’ve been lucky enough to see him graduate and officially become a United States Sailor. We’ve been through three deployments and more time apart than I even care to remember. And even still he is gone so much – but I couldn’t be more proud of the man I married, his love for this country and his loyalty to his fellow service members.

I’m so excited to share this amazing vacation giveaway with all my fellow military families and friends! It would be such an amazing opportunity to travel to any of these gorgeous locations so to any of my fellow MILSO’s head on over to enter by clicking HERE.

And if you know a Military Family that you think deserves one of these incredible trips please nominate them by clicking HERE!

I just want to say another Thank You to all of those who sacrificed their lives and Thank You to the families who support those family members who are in the Service!




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