Suit of the Summer

It is OFFICIALLY summer here in New Hampshire Y’all!

Somedays at least – it’s warm enough for the beach and we are living it up on those days!

The beaches here on the New Hampshire/Maine Sea Coast area are quite different than the beaches I grew up going to in Florida. But we’ve found a few gems to say the least and have really been enjoying our time spent in the sand and sun!

A few weeks ago I went to the opening of Faherty’s newest shop! Located on the iconic Newbury Street in Boston.

Faherty Brand is pretty much exactly what a label would be if I were to create one of my own – completely family owned and operated, locally and eco friendly designs and of course, totally boho chic.

●●●●    w e   a r e   f a m i l y    ●●●●

I got the opportunity to chat with Brothers, Mike and Alex, who are also the Co-Founders of the Faherty Brand and their enthusiasm and chill vibes were so refreshing!

They obviously care about their company and products and that showed – I chatted with Alex’s wife Kerry for quite a while and she was telling me that they (by they I mean pretty much the entire Faherty family – including babies!) travel all over the world to be completely hands on with all aspects of the company. The farthest thing from a CEO just sitting in an office telling other people what to do, and completely inspiring!

Kerry was also telling me that her Mother in Law is actually the one who takes care of all the interior design aspects of all six of their locations!

●   s u i t    u p    ●●●●

After browsing through all the racks – both men and women’s – I tried on quite a few things, but ultimately I fell in love with this incredible suit. It was expertly designed with a woman body in mind no doubt and it’s made of an eco-friendly fabric blend made from recycled plastic bottles.

Another Faherty team member, Kate, was telling me that this particular suit’s textile pattern was hand painted by a local New England artist and then transferred into fabric form!

After having two kids, and breastfeeding or being pregnant for basically the last 4 years, you could say I wasn’t excited to hop into a swimsuit this summer, until I put this suit on. It’s incredible to me how a great piece of clothing – or in this case swimwear – can completely change how you see yourself in the mirror.

●  s u m m e r   w h i t e s  ●●●●

This suit will 100% be on repeat this season, I’m even planning to put together a “from the beach to the bar” look using this suit as a base for the outfit!

● f o r   t h e   k i d s  ●●●●

I can’t wait to snag up some matching Baja pullovers for the kids! And I’m hoping that as they expand their children’s collection more that by next summer I’ll be able to get the kids some awesome suits!

Thank You to the Faherty Family for inviting me to celebrate the opening of your newest location in Boston!

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