DIY Phone Case & Laptop Skins with CaseApp

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Summer is coming y’all *in John Snow voice*

If you don’t know who John Snow is, we can’t be friends, I’m sorry.

One thing that I absolutely love, and I mean LOVE about summer is all the tropical vibes, the fruit patterns and the bright colors of everything!

Clothes, bags, kitchen wear, heck! even our new bed sheets are pineapple patterned!!

So when a Sweden based design company called CaseApp asked me to design some cases for my phone and computer, I knew I just HAD to do something Summery!

CaseApp offers hundreds of cases and skins for your phone, iPad, iPod and laptops, and they aren’t just exclusive to Mac products either! They cover Apple Products, Samsung, PC, HTC and Nokia! That pretty much covers (get it “covers”!)  just about everyone, now doesn’t it?

p r e – m a d e   c a s e s

CaseApp has tons of premade cases and skins. From Minimalist patterns to Sassy Sayings and whimsical illustrations. You can add words, and different design elements to the already made backgrounds like these.

d i y   c a s e s 

Y’all know I love to DIY things! That’s actually what my blog was originally started as! I need to get back into those things but yah know – time and all that jazz. Plus with another kid I don’t have as much time to DIY and Craft as I wish I did, and when I do have time I just want to enjoy the process not see it as “work” and not stress about the photos and writing etc.

CaseApp made the process of DIY-ing my phone case and laptop skin so easy and fun! I have to be honest – I spent HOURS playing around on! Coming up with my own patterns and designs and adding things to their pre-made selections!

You can add in your own photos too! Which makes for an amazing and personalized gift, for yourself, or someone else.


c u s t o m e r   s e r v i c e 

If y’all watch my IG Stories you may remember a few weeks ago I went on a *small* rant about USPS and how I’ve been having so many issues with them. Well when my phone case and laptop skin was delivered and my skin was folded, wrinkled, and there were dents and scratches in it. I was super disappointed, and USPS just stuck a lame sticker on it that said “sorry your item was damaged.” Oh ok…

So I contacted CaseApp and they are the real MVP here y’all! They just immediately sent me a new one!


Have fun making your own adorable cases and skins!





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