Banana Print – Outfit Look Book – 6.19

It’s SUMMA TIME and the livin’s easy Y’all.

Summer is one of my FAVORITE seasons, I was raised in the Sunshine State – where it’s summer 10 months out of the year so it’s pretty much a given!

Living in New England where it’s winter 10 months out of the year, YIKES, I try to infuse my closet with summery prints, patterns and vibes every chance I get!

Enter: b a n a n a    p r i n t 

Recently I went on a mini shopping spree on one of my fave affordable clothing sites –  romwe

I just HAD to nab up this banana print skirt when I saw it!

s t y l i n g 

A crazy print piece – like this banana print – can be styled a variety of ways!

-Pair it with another print/pattern! The key to print mixing is to use the same tone NOT the same color. So if you are wearing warm colors (think red, yellow, orange, brown, and gold) and want to print mix use one that is also warm colored. Like here my skirt has yellow in it and my shoes have brown in it!

-Treat it like a neutral – if you treat a print/pattern like you would a pair of blue jeans you will be amazed at the outfits you can come up with!

-Try a different textile, if you’re wearing a cotton skirt try pairing it with a denim top for a mix of hard and soft!

wearing banana print skirt wearing banana print skirt

p r i c e   p o i n t 

This skirt is a WINNER! I nabbed it for $8.99! YEP! $8.99! You can shop this skirt HERE

wearing banana print skirt

m y   p i c k s 

click on any of the photos below to shop them! 

orange you glad i didn’t say banana! 








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