3 Must Have Items for the Perfect BBQ!

3 Must Have Items for the Perfect BBQ!

It’s OFFICIALLY Summer Y’all!

And in our house Summer means one thing: BBQ TIME!

I grew up in the South where we had outdoor parties, and BBQ’s basically all year-round, here in the North East it’s a different story though!

So now that it’s barbecue season we are attending and throwing as many as we can!

As someone who’s been to many a BBQ and as someone who’s hosted her fair share I’ve rounded up the 3 things you MUST have for a perfect BBQ!

* p r o – t i p s *

Before we get into what exactly you’ll need for the perfect BBQ I have some awesome tips to get you there the easiest and least expensive way possible!

  • tip one: Shop at Walmart! I know a lot of people rag on Walmart, but generally they do have the best prices. I purchased everything in this blog post at Walmart
  • tip two: Download Ibotta! This app is great and provides you with rebates on some items that you purchase! Like #2 on the must haves list!
  • tip three: Have some help at the grocery store AND when setting up for your BBQ – like Walmart’s easy store pickup, or a handsome little dude!



m u s t   h a v e   i t e m  1 :  s e c r e t   s a u c e

The number one ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE for any backyard BBQ is some good sauce! A really good sauce is pretty easy to make yourself and I guarantee you’ll get ton’s of complements on how good your sauce is! Plus you can use it as a marinade, sauce or both!

I won’t be giving away the recipe for my secret sauce but to make your own simply add each of these ingredients together! Play around with the measurements depending on what your personal tastes are!

sweet sauce – store bought sweet bbq sauce + brown sugar + apple cider vinegar + ketchup + water (good with any meat)

vinegar/mustard based sauce – mustard + honey + white vinegar + red wine vinegar + Worcestershire sauce + brown sugar

(good with chicken and pork!)

spicy bbq sauce – ketchup + sriracha + white vinegar + water + salt & pepper + paprika + chili powder (good with chicken and pork)

m u s t   h a v e   i t e m  2 : m e g a   r o l l s

There is NOTHING more embarrassing than someone coming out of the bathroom and announcing in front of the entire party that you ran out of toilet paper!

Thats why must have BBQ item number two is toilet paper! But NOT regular toilet paper, it HAS to be Cottonelle MEGA ROLLS! They last forever, so you don’t have to worry about changing the roll mid party or worry about the embarrassment of someone running out! Cottonelle’s Mega Rolls are four rolls in one – thats a lot of toilet paper y’all!

I know whenever I’m hosting a party the LAST thing I want to do is go change the roll for someone – or have someone digging around in my bathroom for more TP. Not having to worry about refilling the roll during a party, and less in general is convenient and helpful during these busy summer months!

*Plus right now Cottonelle has a $1 rebate on Ibotta right now!*

m u s t   h a v e   i t e m  3 : i c e  p o p s

Summertime and Ice Pops go together like peas and carrots! The kids love them, it’s a great way to keep them cool, keep them happy and it usually keeps them quiet for a few minutes at least!

Happy 4th of July everyone! And thank you so much for reading!

Have a safe and fun Holiday!










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