3 Things You Need for the Perfect Me Time Session!

3 Things You Need for the Perfect Me Time Session!

I have some advice for Ya’ll. Listen and listen well!


Each weekend I like to take an hour or so to treat myself and enjoy some me time ALONE – as in, without kids, without work, without noise, and without stresses.

It’s so important to set time aside for yourself to do this because just as a regular ole person, and especially as a parent, it is SO EASY to burn out. And an emotional/mental burn out isn’t good for anyone!

d a y   b y   d a y 

Some small ways I like to treat myself each day are by:

  • Using luxury skincare products – it makes me feel “fancy” and like I’m “pampering” myself.
  • Listening to music – it can totally change your mood and lighten an otherwise dreary day.
  • Using aromatherapy and essential oils to enhance mood and productivity.
  • Having fresh flowers and plants in the house – not only do these purify the air, but they are so pretty to look at!

c h e e r s   t o   t h e   w e e k e n d 

But during the weekend I like to take a little bit of extra time for myself and really relax and take a few moments to just breathe the week out and reset for the new week to come. And to do that you only need 3 things!

  1. A Hobby/Past – Time
  2. A Cup of MAX Indulge by Maxwell House
  3. Peace!

h o b b y   l o b b y 

Pick something, anything to do during your me time. I like to catch up on non-animated, non-musical, NON-KID shows, or read. Lately I’ve been reading, as it’s always been a great love of mine. You can do anything you want though, just do something other than sleep, you need time to just be and do something you enjoy for you.


t h e   c o f f e e   s h o p

Or rather NOT the coffee shop! Whenever I’m enjoying my Sunday afternoon me time I always prepare myself a café style cup of MAX Indulge by Maxwell House. This quick, easy and tasty instant coffee drink takes less time to make than a regular cup of coffee, AND it’s perfectly sweetened and flavored just the way it is, so you don’t need to add a thing!

Another plus is that at Walmart one package of MAX Indulge cost the same as one cup of coffee at the coffee shop down the street, and who doesn’t love saving a few bucks!?

Max Indulge has two decadent flavors to choose from: Mocha + S’mores and Mocha + Salted Caramel

The Mocha + S’mores is perfectly S’mores-y and sweet while the Mocha + Salted Caramel is a heavenly balance of salty, sweet and rich caramel.

So while you’re chilling out with your fave hobby and sipping on your cup of MAX Indulge there’s just one more thing you need!

p e a c e   o u t   

PEACE AND QUIET! To get the most out of your me time actually make it ME time, go into a different room, turn on some soothing music, or have your husband take the kids out for an hour so the house is silent! That way you can ACTUALLY enjoy your me time!








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