How to Get Through Your Period – Chemical Free

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I’ve got some REAL TALK for y’all today!

If you didn’t already guess from the title of this post, today we’re talking about


Yep. The Red Tide, Aunt Flo, Mother Natures Monthly Gift, The Mensies, The Crimson Wave/Tide, The Girl Flu y’all know what I’m talking about!

With some medical exceptions, a majority of us get our period each month, did you know that the average woman will have around 540 periods in her lifetime.


It’s a wonder we can live through so many, when sometimes it doesn’t feel like we will!

s a y   ‘e l l o   t o   e l l e

Periods are actually becoming pretty controversial – from the Tampon Tax, to Free Bleeding a period is more out in the open now that it was just a few years ago. And thank goodness for that! Something that ISN’T controversial about periods though – the fact that they can suck.

Enter – The Elle Box: a monthly subscription box that makes your period less sucky.

Inside your ElleBox each month will be 20 chlorine, bleach, pesticide and crude oil FREE tampons, pads or a mix of both. Yeah, bet you didn’t know you were sticking bleach and crude oil up your hooha every month did you? And you do realize that the vagina is the most absorbent part of a woman body right? So your body is soaking all those chemicals that regular tampons and pads contain into it each and every month. Gross – like more gross than periods in general.

In addition to these organic and hypoallergenic tampons and pads your ElleBox is going to include, some amazing tea, chocolate, and two self care gifts! These change each month so you never know what you’re going to receive in addition to your tampons and pads! This month I received some green tea, dry shampoo, facial oil and these gummy candies that have more fiber in them than not one, but five servings of broccoli! And we ALL know how periods effect your poop.

I told y’all this post was going to be #REALTALK!

f r i e n d   o r   f l o w 

I remember the very first time I got my period. I was 12 and in the 6th grade, my mom had prepared me amply for my period before I started so I wasn’t shocked or anything and I knew it was coming. BUT OF COURSE my first day at school I didn’t pack enough pads (bc I was freaking 12 and super embarrassed) and I don’t even have to finish this sentence for you to know what happened do I!?! I bled all over my blue velour track suit pants (I was obviously super stylish even at 12.) I remember having to tie the track suit zip up around my waist and walk to the nurses office – pretty sure I even cried on the way there.

And I can remember plenty of mornings waking up covered in blood, and having to unmake my bed and wash my sheets – something my parents were especially kind, and supportive about – always not making a big deal about it. We’ve all been there! What I’m trying to say is that especially the first few years of having a period, it’s very emotional, and embarrassing.

Elle Box actually has a First Period box that includes an informational book, heating pad, face mask and so much more for your little girl who’s now a big girl!

Let’s stop being embarrassed and hiding our tampons and pads when we head to the bathroom! And let’s stop using harmful products in our (what I consider) most important body part!









A monthly subscription box with 100% organic pads and tampons! Sign up for ElleBox today!

xoxo, h


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