Everything You Need for Your Labor Day Beach Trip

Everything You Need for Your Labor Day Beach Trip
*Some items for this post were gifted to me by Aveeno – however all opinions on these products are my own. This post also may contain affiliate links, these keep this blog up, running and bringing you great content! Without them there would be no Platforms & Pacifiers! There is no extra cost to you, but I do receive a small percentage of anything you purchase.*

Summer is pretty much over Y’all!

It pains me to say that, but with Labor Day approaching and ushering in the start of Fall, (which is a delightful season, but it’s just NOT summer) most of us can probably only squeeze one or two more beach trips in before it gets too chilly to be out in nothin but swim wear.

So you’ve been hitting up the beach, lake, creek, pool – whatever all summer right? Well what have you been bringing with you? Is there something you always take? Something you always forget to take?

Keep reading to see what a girl born and raised in the Sunshine State, brings for herself and two littles!

a v e e n o   s u n s c r e e n   f o r   m o m m y   &   l i t t l e s

We have actually been using Aveeno’s Zinc Oxide Sunscreen formula since they came out with it – I like it better than other Zinc Oxide sunscreens and I don’t have to go to a special store to purchase it, I can just find it at the pharmacy or big box stores that I typically shop at! Plus I know that by using Zinc Oxide I’m not putting loads of gross chemicals onto my and my littles skin!

Aveeno also makes a special Zinc Oxide formula just for your littles and their super soft baby skin!

>l i t t l e s   n e e d :

-Swimmer Diapers for Harper since she isn’t potty trained yet. I don’t have a fave brand of these, I feel like they are all kinda the same and I always just pick up whatever ones I see first.

-Beach Toys are a MUST since my kids are OBSESSED with digging in the sand! I always grab a big pack of them at the start of the summer. And usually by the end of summer we’ve dwindled down to a few toys somehow!

-And what would a beach trip be without beach snacks! For the kids I try to pack light because well, they always get everything sandy and there’s no point in packing a nice lunch if they aren’t going to eat it because they dropped it in the sand. I usually just go with fruit snacks, bananas and goldfish!

m a m a   n e e d s :

-A good sun hat! Nothing ruins a good beach day, and a good tan like a sunburnt and peeling face! I ALWAYS wear a hat to protect my face from the sun!

-A really really nice travel cup. All travel cups ARE NOT created equal. So many that promise hours of coldness just don’t deliver. I use a metal Tervis cup that keeps things hot or cold, I just fill it with ice and water and bring an extra a liter of water for refills. The ice stays all day so whenever I refill it I still have cold water – which is a must at the beach!

What are YOUR must have beach items? What do you always bring and always forget to bring to the beach? Let me know in the Comments section below!

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