Wilshire + Cooper – Mini Styles for Fall

Wilshire + Cooper – Mini Styles for Fall
*This post was sponsored by Wilshire + Cooper but all opinions are my own! If you have questions you can see my disclaimer or email me at patformsandpacifiers@gmail.com*

Y’all know that I love clothes, ESPECIALLY clothes for the littles!

And with two growing little ones and a new season, and cold weather right around the corner I’m rushing to make sure the kids have clothes for the cooler temperatures, but are still stylish, obviously – which is why I always check out what Wilshire + Cooper has before I go anywhere else!

We’ve talked about Wilshire + Cooper before when their Summer Collection was released – it was an absolute blast with colorful and playful patterns and designs, but Wilshire + Coopers Fall Fashions for the kids take Fall Style up a notch. Talk about AH-MAY-ZING!!

I’m low key obsessed with kids clothes that are just mini versions of adult clothes, like little structured dresses, and suits. I mean they are just SO CUTE!

Check out some of my favorite Fall Styles for your mini’s from Wilshire + Cooper below!


I wish Harper was older and I could get this blouse for her! I’m striped obsessed and can’t help myself when it comes to stripes – add on a structured neck and shoulder ruffle and call me done!
This comfy soft tee is perfect for my little sassy pants, I’m literally always telling her to “chill out”
This is my absolute number one favorite piece from Wilshire + Coopers newest released items! The patter, the small golden details and those Wool sleeves!!
Wishing they had this dress in my size!
This tree silhouette dress is so whimsical and sweet!
So much cozy, so much style.
This heart pattern again, I just HEART it!
This little Cover-All Styled dress in a heavier and mature Fall/Winter textile just screams “Boss Babe” and I’m ALL ABOUT IT!
Have you ever seen more stylish children! I mean COME ON!
I love the sweetness of this little deer onesie!
This color blocked abstract textile is probably one of my favorites of this seasons items!
This is one piece that I really love! It’s definitely one that I’d purchase for Harper for her to wear in the future, this blush pink dress is perfectly ruffled and still sweet while also being sassy!



Wilshire + Cooper is my go to for stylish and quality kids clothing for every season, not just Fall! I can’t wait to see what they have waiting for the Holidays!

What’s your favorite Look from Wilshire + Coopers Fall Collection for Kids? Let me know in the Comments below!

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