Fallin’ for Niagara Falls – Our Trip to Niagara with Kids

Fallin’ for Niagara Falls – Our Trip to Niagara with Kids

Niagara Falls. The first stop on our Cross Country Road Trip! And Y’all, I have to say, I was pretty impressed by this place.

Prior to planning our Cross Country Road Trip (from New Hampshire to California) Niagara Falls wasn’t really on my radar for places to visit, like at all. The idea of traveling so far for a water fall just didn’t really excite me. I mean, sure it would be cool to see, but I wasn’t going to make a trip specifically to see the falls.

That is until my MIL, Brenda, asked the kids and I to tag along with her on her move from North Carolina to California – by way of Niagara Falls, New York.

My kids are pretty well traveled, in their short lives they have logged more miles than I had in the 20 years I lived before having kids. I must say they are great travelers too. Even my one year old daughter is pretty easy going and seems to enjoy being along for the ride.

For this first stretch of our trip we headed out from New Hampshire to Niagara Falls, New York which after stops ended up being about 8 hours total. You can visit this post, where I detail everything that we needed (and didn’t need) to make our road trip as easy and enjoyable as possible!

After going to Niagara Falls I’m definitely going to say that it’s a place you should put on your bucket list!

Before we get started I do want to suggest that you purchase a Discovery Pass – this gives you head of the line privileges, and is your ticket basically everywhere in the Niagara Falls State Park. It’s totally worth it and you don’t have to use all the tickets in one day!

So now, here is everything we did while we were there!


I thought the Maid of the Mist Tour was going to be what I wanted to do the most – NOPE – once I realized that there are actually multiple Falls (hence the S in Niagara Fall*S*) and that you could actually walk up under some of them I was READY TO ROCK! We woke up early and were actually at Cave of the Winds before they opened so we waited and were first in line – thanks to our Discovery Passes that is – the line for the regular tickets was already out of it’s little roped off section but there was a separate line for Discover Pass holders! This is definitely a “first thing we do for the day” activity because the line on average is a few HOURS long.

So once you get checked in you go through a few separate areas, the first is to receive some sandals (you get to keep these so don’t worry about wearing shoes someone else has already worn) these sandals are super “no slip” to keep you from slipping while in the caves and under the waterfalls. Then you are taken down an elevator and over to a little station where you receive ponchos. Then you walk through.

When going to Cave of Winds DON’T:

-Bring a fancy Camera/Electronics unless it has TOTALLY WATERPROOF CASING.

-Worry about your shoes because like I said they give you special ones.

-Bring lot’s of stuff! The parking lot it literally right there so leave whatever you don’t absolutely need in the car and go back for it later.

This was everyones FAVORITE thing we did while in Niagara Falls! It was totally fun and just amazing to experience!

If you look closely you can see Thomas and his Grandma way up there until the falls!
Notice those sweet sandals!


This place is so nice and right near the Cave of Winds so you can go look at this either before or after the Cave of Winds! They have those little toggling viewers and you can literally feel the ground rumbling! It’s just breathtaking!

This is the waterfall that the cave of winds are under!


The Aquarium is also included in the Discovery Pass and while small in size – they offer quite a few activities, teachings and shows.


I didn’t catch the name of this park while we were there, but it was on our walk from our hotel, The Seneca Niagara Hotel & Casino, down to the Visitors Center where we rode the trolley to the Aquarium! There were some giant lego boards and chalk boards which were awesome! And they had life size versions on table games which we loved!

I give Niagara Falls a 10/10 and suggest it as a family vacation destination for sure! It’s actually not too badly priced and can be done in a weekend – they have things suitable for the entire family and it of course makes for some terrific photos!

Have you ever been to Niagara Falls? Let me know in the Comments! I love to hear from y’all!

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