Seneca Niagara Hotel & Casino

Seneca Niagara Hotel & Casino
*I was given a complementary stay in exchange for writing this post – but all opinions are my own, and as always I’m giving an honest review!*

Hey Y’all! I hope you and your families are well and if you’ve started school already – I hope you’re getting into the swing of things!

Y’all know by now that we recently drove cross country. Our goal along the way wasn’t just to get to our destination, but to stop at some pretty amazing places along the way!

Our first stop was Niagara Falls, which you can read more about HERE – but the falls weren’t the only amazing thing there – so was the Seneca Resort and Casino where we stayed!

The Seneca Resort Hotel was breathtaking – with earthy colors and traditional Seneca elements in every area of the resorts design. Niagara is just one of the three locations that Seneca Casinos offer, we will be visiting their Allegany location this Fall and I’m so excited to get a more in depth look into the traditional Seneca and Iriquois Nations while we are there.

S E N E C A   N I A G A R A

Seneca Niagara is located on the American side of Niagara Falls in New York. It overlooks the Niagara River as well as the Canadian strip, which is so bright and flashy at night it resembles a mini Las Vegas skyline.

From our room on the 12th floor we could see the river, and the mist from the falls, which was incredible in the morning as the sun rose and hit it just right.

While not technically a “family” hotel they were MORE than accommodating to children and had the Casino Floor, Bars and Smoking Areas away from the hotel and dining sections so having the kids there too wasn’t an issue in the slightest. Anytime we needed to cross the Casino floor, say to go to dinner at The Western Door (more on that later) we were simply given a yellow pass, and checked in with security on either side of the floor, easy as pie.

T h e    S e n e c a    N a t i o n

Seneca Hotel and Casinos received their names sake from the Seneca Nation of Indians.

The entire Casino and Hotel draws it’s design elements from traditional Seneca culture, including the names of their restaurants like “The Western Door” as the Seneca people were The Keepers of the Western Door as they were the most western of the Nations that made up the Iroquois Confederacy. (For you history buffs, the Iriquois Confederacy was a democratic nation that pre-dates the United States and our Constitution.) You can see tradition throughout the resort with all eight Seneca Clans being represented in sculptures, stained glass and more as well as through artist Carson Waterman, a Seneca Indian himself.

R o o m   w i t h   a   V i e w

Our view of Canada!

Our room was terrific and had a terrific view of the Niagara River and Canada! Each night at 9 pm there was a firework show which we were able to watch from the comfort of our beds while we ate dessert in our pajamas! Talk about the perfect ending to each day that we spent in Niagara Falls, New York!

The bathroom was totally spacious and luxe with a large walk-in shower and plenty of space to get the kids and myself ready.

You can see above that one entire wall of our hotel room was a floor to ceiling window! Which I was obsessed with because this is my DREAM design feature in a dream home!

I know you’re probably thinking “why does she have a picture of the door?” Well – this extra square footage in the room made it so easy to get some space from the kids! We just put the iPad and the kids toys in this area when we wanted a little space from them!

T h e   W e s t e r n   D o o r

Both nights that we were at Seneca Niagara we ate at The Western Door, one of the three Signature Dining options they offer. Koi, the Asian cuisine dining option smelled delicious in passing, but unfortunately just didn’t offer the child friendly accommodations that we needed. And the Italian eatery, La Cascata is closed on Monday and Tuesdays – of course the two days that we were there. But The Western Door Steakhouse was more than amazing – even for a Vegetarian! 

R e l a x   M a m a

While we were at Seneca Niagara I took some time to head down to their Spa for a Full Body Massage and OHEMGEE I really needed it. After 8 hours in the car and picking something in my neck/shoulder while trimming bushes the week before a massage was exactly what the doctor called for! The staff and Spa were exquisite and my masseuse took extra time afterward to talk to me about caring for my problem areas like my neck and shoulder area.

Our visit to Seneca Niagara was so relaxing and luxurious that I would go back just to stay at the Resort, honest, I can’t wait to checkout their other Resort soon!

What is your favorite thing about staying away from home? Let me know in the Comments below!

Mine is getting to treat myself and setting my mind to “vacation mode”!

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