Baby Wearing for the Win!

**I was gifted product in exchange for this blog post – but as always all opinions are my own! I only share things with you that I truly love!**

If you didn’t already know, I LOVE baby wearing!

Like LOVE it.

It’s seriously the best thing ever, and just so convenient! I mean who doesn’t wanna be able to hold their baby AND wash the dishes or cook dinner.

So today I wanna talk about all the reasons why you should be baby wearing if you aren’t already!

save a mom – baby wear

Being a mom is stressful to the MAX – y’all know that! And for me a huge stressor was setting my kids down. With both of my little ones it seemed like the second I even thought about setting them down they were like “uh NO” and would just scream and cry.

My in-laws actually gave me my very first baby carrier and it started my obsession!

Being able to carry your baby around and even nurse while doing OTHER STUFF is such a life saver.

When people said “Clean when the baby sleeps.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


More like “Clean while you wear the baby!”

Being able to carry Harper around while still keeping up with Thomas and my house saved my sanity!


all the benefits

  • Babies who are worn cary 43% less than babies who aren’t.
  • Certain carries can help reduce reflux in babies.
  • Your little one actually learns more when being held! Because a held baby is “comfortable” they actually spend that time taking in everything they see instead of working to make themselves comfortable – this “state” is called Active Alertness!

so many options

I didn’t baby wear much with my son because honestly, I was a little intimidated by all the knots and twists and it just seemed really complicated. I had a cheap buckle carrier that just hurt my back more than helped so I didn’t use it much.

MOBY really helped me bridge the gap between being intimidated by baby wearing, and being obsessed with it! A friend (hey rae!) got me a traditional MOBY for my baby shower when I was pregnant with Harper and I’ve been a loyal MOBY Mama since! You can see my last collaboration with Moby, where I made my Mermaid Wrap HERE. With plenty of baby carrier options at MOBY you can baby wear and never even tie a knot!

I actually have all of these! haha!

Ring Sling – holds up to 45 pounds & includes front and side carries

Traditional MOBY Wrap – holds up to 35 pounds and includes front and side carries.

Meh Dai – holds up to 40 pounds and includes front, hip and back carries.

Of course I can’t find a photo of me and my Meh Dai and now that I need it I CANT FIND MY CARRIER AT ALL! How does that even happen? Here’s a photo of one from MOBY’s website.

Buckle Tie – holds up to 44 pounds and includes front, hip and back carries.


Do you/did you Baby Wear? If so what was your favorite kind of Carrier? Let me know in the Comments!

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