Styling a Summer Dress for Fall!

It’s OFFICIALLY Autumn now! But I know that doesn’t mean the same thing in all parts of the country!

Some places it still feels like summer, and other places the weather just hasn’t decided yet, while still more people are already in winter wear!

Here in New Hampshire the day’s are just perfect and the mornings/nights are chilly – which means if we’re staying out later, or leaving the house early, we need layers!

So here is how I style three Summer dresses for Fall!

**I was gifted these dresses by PinkBlush for the purpose of styling them and sharing them with you. This page may also contain affiliate links.**

{{ How To: Style Summer Dresses for Fall }}

Switch Up Accessories!

This striped cut out sleeve dress is already pretty versatile, season and style wise, so it really doesn’t need much to spice it up! I like to keep my accessories with this dress on the simpler side.

Summer – Try some great wedges and a straw hat!

Fall – Replace those wedges with a great pair of booties, and the straw hat for a felt one!


Maxi’s Aren’t Just for Summer!

A maxi dress might seem overwhelming in the cooler weather, having to balance the long silhouette with shoes and a sweater, but I promise, it’s actually not overwhelming at all!

Layering Tips:

  • Color: Don’t put on only one color! You’ll just look like a big blob of whatever color you choose!
  • Pattern Mix: At first pattern mixing can seem intimidating, but as long as you keep the colors complementary generally you’ll be good! Try mixing a smaller print (like my sweater below) with a larger print (like my dress below!)
  • Add Texture: Wearing a simple jersey dress as your base layer? Try adding a faux fur vest, denim or a knit as one (or more) of your layers!

Summer – Maxi Dresses are usually great on their own! Just a simple pair of shoes and great accessories add to the effortless vibes that a Maxi Dress sends out! Sometimes if my Maxi’s are on the longer side I like to tie them in a cute little knot instead of hemming them!

Fall – I personally don’t like wearing shorter sweaters and jackets with Maxi Dresses, because I feel like the abrupt end of a shorter piece can “chop” your look in half. The harsh line of where a shorter/cropped layer ends draws the eye directly to that harsh horizontal line, unintentionally putting the focus on that line rather than an outfit that flows nicely! Wearing a long duster will have the eye moving up and down, rather than side to side, thus making you look thinner, taller, AND whoever’s looking will be seeing the entire outfit, not just the top half!

Try Something New!

If you would have told me a year ago I’d be wearing sweaters OVER dresses like I am below, I would have said “NEVER!” But honestly this trick is going to be on repeat this fall/winter!

Summer – This Off the Shoulder dress with Peek-a-Boo arm details is so darling for date night or brunch in summer! Add a great pair of heels or some gladiator sandals in summer! And put your hair up to show off those shoulders!

Fall – Just because the weather is cooling off doesn’t mean you don’t still want to show off those great legs! Layering a Sweater over a dress is something new to me, but I LOVE this look and will be trying it out more as the weather gets colder! Add a simple sweater over a strappy sun dress to keep your arms covered, but still show off some legs!

All the dresses in this post are from PinkBlush! They do offer maternity styles, but also offer TONS of non-maternity clothes too! Just click the banner below to check them out!








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