Ju Ju Be – Worth the Hype?

Ju Ju Be – Worth the Hype?

Y’all know that I’ve got two little ones! And most of y’all probably know that little ones come with LOTS of little things!

I’ve been searching for a great bag since I had my son FOUR YEARS AGO! And y’all – I’ve found it!

**I was given these bags for the purpose of reviewing and featuring on this blog – all opinions on them ARE MY OWN – as are ALL photos! If you have any questions please see my disclaimer page.**

the good, the bad and the broken

I’ve used a few other baby bags that were very nice, like the J. Cole Tote.

But the shoulder strap hardware actually broke while I was putting it on one day, so I can only use it if I’m using the shorter hand straps, which doesn’t happen so….

I also tried the Tote Savvy which is super awesome because I can use it in MY OWN bags! Which I loveeee because FASHION OVER FUNCTION YALL! I still use this whenever I want to carry a stylish bag and y’all, it holds so. much. shit. SERIOUSLY.


backpack! backpack!

Are you singing the Dora Backpack song now? Well if you weren’t I’ll bet a buck you probably are now! Sorry not sorry! haha

So for our recent trip across these here United States I really needed a baby bag that was going to –

A. Hold tons of stuff.

B. Have lots of compartments so I could stay organized.

C. Be easy to use and hold because we planned on spending a lot of time outdoors.

So what better bag to choose than a Backpack!

the ju ju be’s knees

I wanted to try out Ju Ju Be because I’ve heard tons of great things about them – plus rumor has it that their bags are MACHINE WASHABLE.

Naturally the Ju Ju Be “Be Right Back” backpack is what I chose for this adventure and boy did I close RIGHT!! We also picked out a “MiniBe” backpack for Thomas because he’s a BIG BOY now and can hold his own stuff! Also twinning!

The “Be Right Back” pack has SO MANY POCKETS it is amazing! I’m one of those people who can’t just toss everything into a bag and sift through it all whenever I need something, I HAVE to have things organized and in a proper place. – So obviously this bag was made for me.

It has an outside flap pocket that was great for putting things we reached for often in, like park maps, sunscreen and hand sanitizer. The smaller zipper pocket up front has a microfiber sunglasses and another microfiber pocket under the hook handle for your phone or another set of glasses. There are multiple mesh pockets which were also great for snacks, extra clothes etc. The straps and back of the pack are padded for maximum comfort. AND IT COMES WITH A CHANGING PAD. Need I say more?

The “MiniBe” is much simpler but of equal quality, also having a padded back and straps as well as the front flap pocket. But it has a simpler interior with just one small zipper pouch for little items.

the rumors ARE true!

It is totally machine washable y’all! It says so on the website, but a lot of things say machine washable and then fall apart after one wash so I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical about the truth in that. But both of our backpacks are washed and ready to go again!

final thoughts…

So is it worth the price? ABSOLUTELY.

Praises: I literally like every single thing about this backpack. I think it was very well thought out and I have to say, I’m pretty sure they had some actual mothers at least test drive these things – because everything that you think “it would be nice for my bag to have” it has.

Also it was still comfortable to wear while I was baby wearing!

Complaints: The only complaint I have is that the water bottle holders are a little tight. They will probably loosen with time, but I did find it hard to put water bottles back in the sides with only one hand.

What’s your favorite baby/mama accessory? Let me know in the Comments below!

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