Look of the Week : Mommy and Me Style {10.24.17}

Look of the Week : Mommy and Me Style {10.24.17}

I have a question for Y’all.

Do you think Mommy and Me outfits are cute? Or no?

Because I’m pretty obsessed with matching my kids. I dunno, I just like putting together outfits that coordinate just because I can I guess!

So here’s a super cute, but equally as casual outfit that Harper and I wore this week!

I was given the sweater I am wearing curtesy of PinkBlush in exchange for sharing it with you all, all opinions, and photos are as always, my own! This page may also contain affiliate links – these help keep Platforms and Pacifiers up and running!

When I found out I was having a girl I was ecstatic. Really, I dreamt of the little tiny baby dresses, the glitter, the little tiny girl shoes, hair bows and ruffles! So how that she’s almost a year and A HALF! (that half is important y’all!) and gets excited about putting shoes on and pulls at her little hair bows, I just can’t stop dressing her up!

As the weather cools off I’ve been struggling to dress properly! See, the mornings are CHILLY – like make you say “bur!” chilly! But the afternoons are just DIVINE! Most days this week the sun has been shining and the afternoon temps have been fairly mild, we have been enjoying the yard as much as we can before the REAL winter comes! (yikes plz don’t come. k thanx) 

And I know you’re thinking “Well, if it’s cold in the morning, put a jacket on! DUH!” I know that y’all, but ugh I just hate covering up a good look with a coat!

look of the week : mommy and me {10.24.17}

~ o u t f i t    b r e a k d o w n ~

a b o v e : c o p y c a t – mommy and me looks can either be coordinating or basically exact matches like we did above!

a b o v e : mama’s look – off shoulder & choker pinkblush sweater + white jeans + summer hat + monochrome vans

a b o v e : harper’s shirt: 3/4 sleeve + baby skinnies + velcro kicks

HAPPY FALL YALL! I hope you enjoyed out LOOK OF THE WEEK and our matchy-matchyness!

Special thanks to PinkBlush for providing me with my sweater for this post! You can shop PinkBlush using the banner below, they sell maternity AND women’s clothing Y’all! So don’t let the “maternity” part scare you off!PinkBlush



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