10 Minute Turkey Salad

Hey Y’all!!

Just wanted to share this Quick and Easy Turkey Salad Recipe from a photo I posted on Instagram!


There I said it.

Turkey is probably my least favorite meat and I literally only buy it at Thanksgiving time – so I wanted to share a quick salad recipe that’s like my “go-to” you can use Chicken instead of Turkey – which is what I usually use!

For the Meat

I marinate mine in Italian Dressing with a squeeze of Lemon for at least an hour. Even if your meat is already cooked you can just toss it into the dressing and leave it for a few minutes!

If your meat isn’t cooked just toss it onto a skillet with some HEALTHY OIL (avocado, olive or sunflower oil)

For the Salad

It kills my soul a little when you order a salad from somewhere and all they have is romaine lettuce with like one topping on it.


Get yourself a variety of greens and chop them up really tiny so that you can get a little bit of everything in each bite!

Here I did use romaine, cabbage and purple cabbage – I know it sounds insignificant but I promise salads taste better when you chop everything up really tiny!

Top it with your fave raw veggies – also chopped small!

A Lil SumSum

Don’t forget to add some toppers! I know a lot of people leave out toppers because all they think of are croutons – which really aren’t a “healthy” choice – but there are so many things you can top your salad with!

I ALWAYS use Hemp Hearts from Manitoba Harvest.

And then toss on nuts, seeds and sometimes dry fruit!

As for dressing – I love Blue Cheese (again not a “healthy” choice) so I mix a little Blue Cheese Dressing with a healthier Oil Based one or even just some Vinegarette, which is a great way to get around the “no creamy dressing” rule if you’re a Ranch lover!

That’s it! I hope this quick little recipe helps you ramp up your salad skills and actually enjoy eating them!

Do you like salads? Or just eat them to be “healthy” let me know in the Comments!




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