Ready for the New Year Using the Body Boss Nutrition and Fitness Guides

Ready for the New Year Using the Body Boss Nutrition and Fitness Guides

The Holiday’s are officially here! And that means that New Years and New Years Resolutions will be here BEFORE WE EVEN KNOW IT YALL!

Raise your hand if you almost always make “lose weight” “get fit” “eat healthy” or something along those lines as one of your resolutions.

*raises hand*

And now raise your hand if you basically never achieve that goal for the entire year?

*raises both hands*

NOT ANYMORE MY LOVES! This next year is YOUR year and I’ve got the perfect tool to help get you there!

*This post was sponsored by The BodyBoss Method. ALL photos and opinions are my own, and ALL results are authentic. If you have any questions please see my disclaimer.*

This month I started both The BodyBoss Ultimate Fitness Guide and BodyBoss’ new Superfood Nutrition Guide and Y’all my results are more than I could have even imagined. I’ve been through the Ultimate Body Fitness Guide before (which you can read about here) but I didn’t immediately start back over with it, I wanted to switch things up and focused on my running technique and trained in that for a few months. But when BodyBoss contacted me to let me know they were coming out with a Nutrition Guide I was TOTALLY DOWN to start the Ultimate Fitness Guide over along with the Nutrition Guide and watch the magic happen!

first impressions

“Wow! These recipes look super involved, I hope I don’t mess these meals up.”

“Ok… Yeah I’m definitely going to mess some of these up big time.”

“This grocery list is intense.”

“Omg is that dessert? Thats definitely dessert. I’m here for it.”

“So. Many. Smoothies!!!” (I’m a HUGE smoothie fan so this is a good – VERY good thing.)

week one

So at the start of Week One I was SUPER DUPER excited and motivated, which I think is pretty typical at the beginning of a new diet, it’s in the middle where I think things get tough.

The Superfood Nutrition Guide has a “must haves” grocery list of things that you should “always have” in stock in you pantry as well as a specialized grocery list for each weeks menu and food plan. I didn’t have a lot of the items on the “must have” list so I had to purchase a lot of groceries on week one! Most of what I needed were things like seasonings (no bland food in this guide praised be!) and basic items such as flour, honey, and other items used to make things from scratch, but these things will only need to be purchased only once or maybe twice over the 12 weeks, so don’t let the first weeks grocery haul freak you out!

I have to admit that I did feel hungry a lot during week one but I just stuck it out and munched on the designated snacks for the week, which were things like nuts, tiny banana sandwiches, yogurt and fruit. And when my stomach just wouldn’t stop growling (because I’m still breastfeeding Harper so I do need extra calories because of that) I just made a smoothie from the Smoothies and Desserts recipe book instead of grabbing for something not so healthy! (YES I SAID DESSERTS YALL)

Fave Meal from Week One: Tie between the Butt – Kicking Taco Bowl and the Chili Boss Bowls

week two

Week two was COMPLETELY different from week one.  My grocery bill was only about $50 which was a fraction of what I spent the week before, and something I was very happy about.  My skin was clearing up, I actually was already feeling like I lost some weight, and I was feeling very energized.

For some reason I had a TON of left overs from week two. (I just froze them for another time.)  I did notice that many times I was full before I finished my meal and that I actually skipped a few snacks over the week because I just wasn’t hungry, complete opposite of the week before!

I did however have some late night sugar cravings so I whipped up one of the desserts – Dreamy Choc-Hazelnut Cakes – they were a breeze to make, and even come with a recipe for icing, which I skipped, and they were still just as good. I actually rolled mine into little balls and sprinkled sliced almonds on top and set them out at a football party we had and wouldn’t ya know, the adults AND KIDS loved them!

Fave Meal from Week Two: Super Power Chowder

week three

Week three has been my favorite week food wise thus far! Seriously every. single. meal. this week has been DELISH. Most of the meals this week have included a hot meat portion with raw veggies, which is my fave way to eat veggies so I’ve been in food heaven with these meals! Plus my grocery bill was only around $50 again which is totally doable for us since I still have to purchase food for the kids, dogs and some things for my husband, because he is a pretty picky eater.

I’m honestly feeling the best I’ve felt since I had my daughter over a year ago. Not just my body and weight, but my actual self. My skin is so clear, my body is on a totally regular “bathroom” cycle (which is actually super important and a huge indicator of internal health, so don’t freak out that I mentioned that!) and I’ve visibly lost quite a few pounds! Especially in my belly and back, and we ALL know how hard it is to get rid of belly and back fat!

Fave Meal from Week Three: Spicy Shrimp ‘N’ Slaw

final impressions

While I’m obviously only a quarter of the way through the 12 week plan my thoughts after this first three weeks are:

The Nutrition Guide isn’t just a “diet” plan so you can lose weight.  But an entire system to set you up for long term success in cleaning out your system, knowing proper serving sizes and forming HEALTHY eating and snacking habits rather than just helping you “lose weight.”

Overall I LOVE this Nutrition Guide! Reading through the books it felt like a friend being like “hey, here is a really nutritious option instead of that crappy one. And if you fall off track it’s ok, just get back on the horse.”

Rather than a mom yelling at you that you’re not eating enough vegetables and you failed because you had a slice of pizza and a beer.

The Fitness Guide and I have a love/hate relationship though! (I LOVE the results but while I’m doing the workouts I’m like “I hate this!” haha!)

But the two were definitely made for each other and complement each other completely – like Yin and Yang. With the Ultimate Body Fitness Guide and BodyBoss’ new Superfood Nutrition Guide you’re literally totally taken care of in the health and wellness department and don’t even need anything else!

What are your New Year Resolutions for 2018? Let me know in the comments!!








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