about hanna – owner, writer, and photographer of platforms & pacifiers

Hanna is a Navy Wife and has been married for five years!

She has two children, Thomas (4) and Harper (1) who are featured here on Platforms and Pacifiers, Instagram and Facebook quite often!

Her and her family currently live in New England and enjoy exploring the seacoast, mountains and various small towns that such a historically significant portion of the United States has to offer!

As a little girl Hanna wanted to be a Fashion Designer, and she still has a love for all things Style, and Fashion – especially SHOES!

Wellness is also an incredibly important part of Hanna’s life, as a mother she tries to set a good and healthy example for her children, she loves sharing all things wellness related with her readers. She is a Yogi and loves to flow with her son, who also loves doing “Yoda”.


What started off as a hobby – blogging – is now the perfect full time AND work from home job for Hanna, and while she does sometimes get paid to post content she will NEVER share something she doesn’t truly love, and her reviews will always be honest and true! Her readers mean the world to her and she would never do anything to taint that!

If you’d like to personally contact Hanna you can email her at platformsandpacifiers@gmail.com