Luxury for Littles with Wilshire + Cooper

*This post was Sponsored by Wilshire + Cooper, but as per usual all thoughts, opinions and photos are my own. If you have any questions please see my disclaimer here.*

Ya’ll, know I love shopping, especially for my kids, it’s probably my favorite past time, like to the point where I’ll say:

“So…. today…”

And my husband literally will say “What’d you buy the kids?”

#thestruggleisreal Y’all.

So, so real.

Good thing I found Wilshire + Cooper, they are my favorite destination for stylish children’s apparel and accessories, and with their new site launch I can shop for the kids straight from my couch!

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Tour the Town : Portsmouth, NH

I have a confession for Y’all….

Even though I’m a Southern gal through and through, and miss the South like no other, there is ONE little thing I’ve really started to love about the North….

The Teeny Tiny Old Towns

They are different then the small towns down south, the buildings are older, the construction is different, and the feeling is just… different.

One of our favorite family activities since moving to New Hampshire has been to drive around and explore all the small towns near us – so I wanted to share our Local Adventures with you too!

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My Diaper Bag Essentials for Two with JJ Cole

Y’all I realized something the other day, my kids have A TON of stuff.

Clothes, shoes, toys, things, stuff, more stuff, other things – it’s like oh my word, where did this all come from?

And when we go out of COURSE my son has to bring a few toys, and a book, and I always make sure to pack snacks, and diapers for the baby, and more stuff, and things, and more things and more stuff…..

Packing a bag for myself, a baby and a Threenager used to be tough work! But now with my JJ Cole Diaper Tote it’s a breeze!

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