Under the Oak Tree with Little Acorns

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Well You guys…..

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even go one single month. Thirty One Days, without posting a Craft Tutorial.

# C A N T S T O P W O N T S T O P

I tried hard to refine my “niche” and just focus on Style (the Platforms part) and Parenting (the Pacifiers part) but the need to Craft and Blog about it were TOO STONG for me to deny any longer!

So with that – Let’s get started!

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Craft: Pom Pom Headband

Happy December Beauties and Happy Holidays!
In our home we love Christmas. Like really really love it! We usually decorate for Christmas the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we put on Christmas music and drink Cocoa. It is just such a joyous time in our home!
This year will be our first Christmas as a completed family! We always knew we wanted two children, so this being the first Christmas with both of our love bugs is VERY exciting for us! On top of that it’s Harpers first Christmas which is always extra special as well.
So of course I had to make a few little Christmas Accessories for my best gal!

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Craft: Easy Thanksgiving Decor

Happy November Beautiful People!


I mean its practically Christmas ya’ll! BUT not quite yet!

I didn’t really decorate much for Halloween. We got a Pumpkin for Thomas to decorate but I only had a few other items for Halloween because I gave away everything else before our move.

But now that the Holidays are here I’m totally in the Holiday Spirit and want to decorate the house! Were also having guests for Thanksgiving so I want the house to be FESTIVE! But I also didn’t want to spend a ton of time making everything. So here are three super easy and quick crafts you can do!

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Lots of Lattes

Hey there beautiful!
Sweater weather is here to stay it seems! Which also means hot drinks instead of cold ones, most of the time! I still have iced coffee a few times a week, because it’s delicious, who cares what season it is! Anyway….
Since it’s been getting chilly here in New England I’ve been experimenting with my Ninja Coffee Bar and all the cool functions that it has – specifically the “Specialty Brew” setting, which is specifically for brewing concentrated amounts of coffee like espresso and such.
I’ve tried a few of the recipes in the little booklet that came with the coffee maker, but I felt confident enough to start trying out my own concoctions! After trying and sometimes failing, and sometimes deliciously winning, I decided to share my FIVE favorite Latte recipes with you!


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Crafted Costumes

Hey Beautiful Readers!

As Halloween rapidly approaches I realized THE KIDS NEED COSTUMES!

So after asking and asking Thomas what he wanted to be, and him changing his answer about 50 times he finally settled on… A SHARK! Lucky for me he already had a Shark costume that his Grandma got him last year after Halloween for him to play around the house in. It’s a little small, but he was dead set on being a Shark that I decided I’d find a way to “make it work.”

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Crafted: Moby Wrap Makeover

Hello Beautiful Baby Wearing Professionals and Novices Alike!

I was originally introduced to Baby Wearing in 2013 when I was given a sling by a family member, and I was HOOKED from the very start. As my first child started to grow he outgrew the particular sling we had and I purchased a front carrier off the sale rack at a big box store. MISTAKE. I hated it.

Fast forward to 2016 and I was pregnant with our second child and was determined to find a way to baby wear that I loved.

Enter the Moby!

A fellow baby wearing friend gave me my very first Moby Wrap as a baby shower gift, and I fell in love with it the very first time I wrapped our little peanut in it!

We’ve even climbed a MOUNTAIN while baby wearing!

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Crafted: Easy Cold Brew Coffee

Hey there! I hope everyone is doing well!

We’ve been enjoying some Summer fun with my Mother in Law and Sister in Law in town. And we’ve been drinking a LOT of coffee, and wine. But we’re gonna talk about coffee today! And y’all know how much I LOVE coffee! I’ve written plenty of blogs on/about coffee, so what’s one more?

This summer Cold Brew Coffee has been EVERYWHERE!

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