Comfy Cozy

Happy Thursday Yall! That means it’s ALMOST Friday!!!! Can I get a “Woot Woot?” Not like the weekend means I’m going to be able to sleep in or anything – but whadahyahgonnado? This week has been      L     O     N     G     to say the least! We had a

Perfect in Paisley

Good Morning Y’all! I hope you’re doing good today! Other than going a little stir crazy were doing great! This winter weather has us hiding inside 24/7. Thomas doesn’t mind the cold so much and LOVES playing in the snow, but it’s hard to get out there as much as Thomas would like with Harper.

Trenches and Tight Pants

Good Morning Dolls! It has been so flipping cold in New Hampshire lately, and this Southern Gal is having a hard time with it! I’m either over dressed and sweating or under dressed and freezing. I’m still trying to perfect this Layering thing, add in snow and needing to access the teetahs to nurse Harper. Getting

Nothing New For NYE

Hello all you Beautiful people! I hope that you had a great weekend & week! Santa was VERY good to us this year, we are so blessed and I hope that you are feeling blessed this time of year too! With Christmas over it’s on to the next one!

Sweater Weather

Hello there Beauty! I hope that you guys are warm and cozy out there in this ever colder weather! Even though we live in New Hampshire we don’t actually have a {working} fireplace, which is really depressing actually. But one of my favorite things about this time of year is that I can wear warm

Casual Christmas

Happy Holidays you beautiful folks! You guys all know I love getting dressed up all shmancy and what not, but on a regular day we are pretty casual. I’ve found it a little hard to dress these last few weeks, because the weather is just getting colder and colder and COLDER y’all! It didn’t even