Tacti-Dad with Tactical Baby Gear

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I have a question for Y’all.

How many of you have kids? Probably most of you, considering this is a “Mommy Blog” and all.

Next question. How many of y’all carry a diaper bag?

And how many of your hubbies/boyfriends/bd’s carry one?

None? Maybe one or two?

THATS WHAT I THOUGHT! My husband never carries around the kid stuff because it’s usually in a bag that I like and think is stylish aka too “girly” for his taste. For big/all day trips we take a back pack that he will carry, but it’s still pretty girly.

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Thrifting with ThredUp

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Ya’ll probably know by now that I love a great deal!

I almost never buy anything full price – sometimes it can’t be helped when buying food, but I always look around for the best deal when grocery shopping – clothes, shoes, and extras though, are never ever purchased full price.

I just can’t make myself do it.

My Momma didn’t raise no reckless spending fool!

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Friday Finds Under $5 Bubble Bath Edition

C H E E R S    T O    T H E    F R E A K I N    W E E K E N D    Y A L L !

This week has been a doozie for us, with a loss in the family, traveling for that, and just the emotional load of loosing a loved one I can’t help but just crave a nice relaxing bubble bath to just de-stress and reflect on all that has happened this week.

So I’ve rounded up everything you need to take the best bubble bath of your life, all under five dollars of course.

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Velvet Valentine 

It’s the season of Love Y’all!

A few things I love – besides my kids and husband and dogs of course – are the way the sky looks in the morning as the sun is rising, there’s a time when it’s about half way up that is just magnificent. I love those very special evenings when the sun is setting and it makes the air look pink. I love the feeling of freshly washed, and sun dried sheets.

And I really love a good outfit! Who doesn’t though right?!

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Under the Oak Tree with Little Acorns

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Well You guys…..

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even go one single month. Thirty One Days, without posting a Craft Tutorial.

# C A N T S T O P W O N T S T O P

I tried hard to refine my “niche” and just focus on Style (the Platforms part) and Parenting (the Pacifiers part) but the need to Craft and Blog about it were TOO STONG for me to deny any longer!

So with that – Let’s get started!

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Comfy Cozy

Happy Thursday Yall!

That means it’s ALMOST Friday!!!! Can I get a “Woot Woot?”

Not like the weekend means I’m going to be able to sleep in or anything – but whadahyahgonnado?

This week has been      L     O     N     G     to say the least! We had a Nor’Easter hit us early in the week and were pretty much stranded inside for three entire days. I braved the roads one day and went to the store and the little playground at the mall because we were ALL going a little stir crazy.

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You are my Sunshine with Newbie Sun Shades

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Good Morning Y’all!

You guys know that I love my baby gadgets! Anything that spoils my littles and makes life easier for me I’m down to try at least once! So when Newbie Shade asked me to review their handmade Car Seat Sun Shades I jumped at the chance!

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