• Sleepy Head in Your Own Bed! Our Journey in “Bed Weaning”

    *This post was facilitated by Newton Baby, who provided the mattress for testing & review – but as always all opinions are my own. If you have any questions please see my disclaimer.* Happy Day Y’all! The sun has been shinning most days, the weather has been warm most days, and we’ve really been enjoying ourselves everyday.  The little ones love love LOVE being outside all the time and playing in the dirt, grass and water, and I love watching them! There’s just something about summer time that’s so so sweet, yah know? One thing that we’ve been doing this summer is changing up our daily routine. And I have to say – it’s…

  • My Diaper Bag Essentials for Two with JJ Cole

    Y’all I realized something the other day, my kids have A TON of stuff. Clothes, shoes, toys, things, stuff, more stuff, other things – it’s like oh my word, where did this all come from? And when we go out of COURSE my son has to bring a few toys, and a book, and I always make sure to pack snacks, and diapers for the baby, and more stuff, and things, and more things and more stuff….. Packing a bag for myself, a baby and a Threenager used to be tough work! But now with my JJ Cole Diaper Tote it’s a breeze!