• How to Style a Mini Dresses or Skirt This Fall

    Hey Y’all! The weather has MAJORLY cooled off, and I’m loving how I can style long and short, woven and knitted, and that I can wear heavier materials like corduroy, leather and felt without feeling too “heavy” or hot! Today I wanted to show y’all how I styled a Mini Dress and a Mini Skater Skirt for Fall, complete with 70’s vibes! ✌🏻

  • Velvet Valentine 

    It’s the season of Love Y’all! A few things I love – besides my kids and husband and dogs of course – are the way the sky looks in the morning as the sun is rising, there’s a time when it’s about half way up that is just magnificent. I love those very special evenings when the sun is setting and it makes the air look pink. I love the feeling of freshly washed, and sun dried sheets. And I really love a good outfit! Who doesn’t though right?!

  • Trenches and Tight Pants

    Good Morning Dolls! It has been so flipping cold in New Hampshire lately, and this Southern Gal is having a hard time with it! I’m either over dressed and sweating or under dressed and freezing. I’m still trying to perfect this Layering thing, add in snow and needing to access the teetahs to nurse Harper. Getting dressed for a North Eastern winter has been a challenge for me. I’m trying though! The worst is when I just need to run out for a few things and want to stay Casual. Throwing on great jeans and my favorite tee doesn’t exactly cut it in 16 degree weather…

  • Sweater Weather

    Hello there Beauty! I hope that you guys are warm and cozy out there in this ever colder weather! Even though we live in New Hampshire we don’t actually have a {working} fireplace, which is really depressing actually. But one of my favorite things about this time of year is that I can wear warm and cozy sweaters whenever I want! And I have to admit, my favorite way to wear a cozy sweater is with leggings and some fuzzy socks. That may not be the most “stylish” way to wear a sweater, but some days just call for leggings, wool socks, and an old sweater!